APPLICATION: Address Book — anyone have a good solution?

I’m really tired of struggling with various address books  — IOS, OSX, Android, Google.  Does anyone have an evernote template that could be the universal address book.  I remember an old Windoze app “Little Black Book” that just allowed one to print out specialize address books for different purposes.  For example, I used to print various ones for older relatives that only had “their” items of interest.  Now, it just seems to be a virtually impossible to print something that would look like an address book without a lot of manual effort.  Any suggestions?


APPLICATION: Gmail can’t use different stars in filters; frustrating to me

Become a Gmail pro with these 10 tools and tips
Check out these Gmail tips for accessing multiple accounts at once, setting up filters and more.
Shelby Brown  
April 2, 2021 9:41 a.m. PT

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Labels can make your inbox way more manageable. They’re kind of like filters (and you can set up a filter to send an email to certain labels). Labels live in the sidebar where you’ll find Inbox, Sent, Junk and other folders. Scroll down at click Create New Label. From there, you can name your label as well as group labels.

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A filter can only yellow star a message.

I haven’t been able to figure out a work around.

Eventually this may “cook GMAIL’s goose” with me.

Maybe it’s time to move on?


APPLICATION: “LOOK AT ME” I want it for calling the waiter / waitress


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Never mind the “friends at concerts”; I want to signal the wait staff at the restaurants where they are supposedly “working”. 


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Look at me with Color beacon strobe light in rave party


*********** FIND FRIENDS IN CROWD — THEATRE — CONCERTS **************

Ever wanted to find your friends are seated at a concert or in a movie theatre? Or wish your friend could meet up with your gang at crowded place ?

This app lets you helps you a lot !

You can pick the colour of the light u want, then send ur missing friend a message, saying ‘look for a blue blinking light on my iPhone’.

U then simply wave ur phone, the screen of which has been turned into a flashing coloured light, until u attract a friend’s attention.

Sounds utterly stupid but insanely useful right ? !!!

Come on give it a try. A must have app on ur iPhone. A situation may arise when you might suddenly feel the need to use it .

• Finding friends in crowded concerts and music festivals. (Tried and tested)
• In a dark movie theater while watching Fast and Furious 7.
• Signalling my girlfriend to stop the car
• Getting a taxi

P.S: If you like the app, please give a positive review in the appstore. Good Ratings helps others to find the app.

P.P.S : Do buy the add free version in case you feel generous to tip me.

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I liked this app. And, my “older” friend’s wife LOVED it for the colorblind. I never thought of that 

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Color Name is your color assistant. You can either take a new photo of an object from within the app or import your own. Then pinpoint the exact color you want identified by dragging your finger over the photo, and Color Name will provide you with the name and its RGB values in real time. Tap on the name of the color to get even more details including values for CMYK, HSB, and HEX. Color Name will also provide you with similar Pantone colors.

You have trouble with color. Color Name’s massive database even allows you to simply browse through various colors. You simply don’t have use for identifying color names.

Color Name – identifier, picker and matcher tool
By Vlad Polyanskiy

Do you have difficulties with saying what color it is? Take a photo and touch the color you need on the photo, and we will show you its correct name.

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IMG 0981 copy


A younster was surprised that a fat old white guy retired injineer, who’s just a poor old senior citizen on a fixed income, would have SNAPCHAT on his phone.

I told her: “I don’t like it. I don’t use it that much. I don’t understand the UI.” 

Or something like that, because of course, the messages disappear. Argh!

I like to see what I said. And mull it over. See what the other person is responding to.

Also, it doesn’t save pictures. Even on my local “cameral roll”. YELP does that for me. 

AND, it doesn’t allow you to use an existing bitmoji easily. But it can be done if you understand that “create” doesn’t mean what I thought it did— from scratch.


P.S. Feel free to give me your insight.

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RECOMMENDED: Google’s PhotoScan app

7. Search Scanned Photos

Google recently released a new free app called PhotoScan with the aim of letting you digitize all your old photos. If you’ve installed the app, you can access it by clicking the three lines at the top left of Google Photos, then clicking “Scan photos”. Going forward, simply search for scans whenever you want to see all the photos you digitized.

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