APPLICATION: “LOOK AT ME” I want it for calling the waiter / waitress


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Never mind the “friends at concerts”; I want to signal the wait staff at the restaurants where they are supposedly “working”. 


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Look at me with Color beacon strobe light in rave party


*********** FIND FRIENDS IN CROWD — THEATRE — CONCERTS **************

Ever wanted to find your friends are seated at a concert or in a movie theatre? Or wish your friend could meet up with your gang at crowded place ?

This app lets you helps you a lot !

You can pick the colour of the light u want, then send ur missing friend a message, saying ‘look for a blue blinking light on my iPhone’.

U then simply wave ur phone, the screen of which has been turned into a flashing coloured light, until u attract a friend’s attention.

Sounds utterly stupid but insanely useful right ? !!!

Come on give it a try. A must have app on ur iPhone. A situation may arise when you might suddenly feel the need to use it .

• Finding friends in crowded concerts and music festivals. (Tried and tested)
• In a dark movie theater while watching Fast and Furious 7.
• Signalling my girlfriend to stop the car
• Getting a taxi

P.S: If you like the app, please give a positive review in the appstore. Good Ratings helps others to find the app.

P.P.S : Do buy the add free version in case you feel generous to tip me.

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