POLITICAL: A book on Wilson’s Colossal American Mistakes


A Fine Book Untangling Complexities Of World War I,
And The Related And Colossal American Mistakes
By Daryl Plunk April 22, 2017

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In 1916, Wilson loudly was proclaiming that the “Great War” between the “Allies” (led by London and Paris) and Germany did not threaten American interests and hence did not require US involvement. Through 1917, Wilson finessed an 180-degree pirouette and turned the nation toward war against Germany.

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The Versailles Treaty imposed on Germany a humiliating unconditional surrender, and onerous political and economic burdens, that today widely are considered unfair and vengeful. Yet, Wilson allowed the US largely to be left out of the treaty negotiations, since the British and French snobbishly felt the US had not sacrificed enough blood and treasure to earn equal participant status in the peace talks. Wilson accepted this indignity, largely in return for Allied backing of his “League of Nations” concept and creation.

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So here we have an avowed racist from Princeton, who truly lied the country into war (i.e., ran as a peace candidate and took us to war), that should be reviled, not revered, as an American President.

Then, he allowed an unfair peace to be imposed on Germany that sowed the seed for WW2.


And, the “League of Nations” was so lame that it eventually gave us the “United Nations”. Another disastrous contribution. 

And, folks wonder why he’s NUMBER TWO on my worst list?


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