POLITICAL: South Burlington School District revolt


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A Mascot Mess 

When it comes to rebellious and cantankerous behavior, Vermonters go back a ways. They didn’t join the original 13 colonies in the Union until 1791, four years after the Constitution was signed. So in 1961, when education leaders in South Burlington decided that a newly built high school should be nicknamed the Rebels, nobody batted an eyelash. However, when the Board of School Directors decided the Rebels moniker had offensive connotations and needed to go, those Vermonters who didn’t agree reacted like, well, Vermonters. To protest the decision, opponents have twice helped vote down the nearly $50 million school district budget. The controversy heated up in 2015 when the Burlington Free Press newspaper dug up photos of cheerleaders and sports teams posing alongside Confederate flags. The school board has convened a new 40-member “South Burlington School District Mascot Selection Oversight Committee” to study the matter.

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Hey, I don’t particularly care WHY they voted down the Gooferment Skrules budget. I think that’s it is ALWAYS GOOD when we starve the Gooferment Eddykation Complex.

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