GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Anyone visit the “new” Medicare site?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

They have updated their security requirements.


Now are you telling me that you think that the “average” poor old senior citizen on a fixed income has to create a NEW unique password that’s hard to remember, not anything useful or memorable, and not one of the last nine?

Let me guess the most popular password set?

(password$1, password$2, password$3, password$4, password$5, password$6, password$7, password$8, password$9, password10)

Of course, that’s MUCH better than what LastPass would generate for me (i.e., triangumebabelinolowlysi, amplaintemproaramoniveri, tiongerystiorwarancemans, … … …). Well you get the idea!


Look at those password requirements.

A 16 character limit? I always use LastPass’ 24 option.

Add a number and one of a few special characters? In technical terms, it increase the entropy from (26**16) to (44**16) where as my LastPass choice would be (26**24). Who’s password is better?


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