GOVEROTRAGEOUS: What the Gooferment did once, it can do again

That Time The U.S. Gov’t Rationed Food – And Threatened Jail For Those Who Didn’t
Written by: Tricia Drevets  Extreme Survival

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If you were asked to picture people lined up at a grocery store with ration books in their hands, you would probably imagine people in war-torn Europe. However, during World War II, government-issued ration books were a very real part of American life.To distribute food and other items that could be in short supply due to the war effort and also to create a sense of unity, the federal Office of Price Administration (OPA) established a rationing system for the nation’s citizens.That Time The U.S. Gov’t Rationed Food – And Threatened Jail For Those Who Didn’t The government then launched a promotional campaign for the ration books that included widespread radio ads, posters and pamphlets. The campaign appealed to Americans’ patriotic sense of duty, and it warned that non-compliance could be met with stiff fines and even jail time.

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To save on ration points, for instance, many families switched from butter to Oleomargarine. To save on meat consumption, shoppers bought the new Kraft Macaroni and Cheese packaged product. Sales of cottage cheese skyrocketed from 110 million pounds in 1930 to 500 million pounds during the rationing program, as people used cottage cheese as a meat substitute in meals.

Although World War II ended in 1945, the rationing program continued until 1946. Gradually, life – and grocery shopping – returned to normal and the average American’s consumption of meat, butter and sugar rose to pre-rationing levels.

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I had three thoughts on reading this:

(1) Imagine the corruption that went on. I can’t believe that the rich and connected suffered the indignity of “rationing” like “We, The Sheeple”.

(2) I wager that the big objective was to appeal to “to Americans’ patriotic sense of duty”. Have to get the Sheeple to want to go to the slaughter house.

(3) We know that margarine, a trans fat, makes for heart disease. As does the now “standard american diet”. And as far as “mac and cheese”, that made Kraft rich, we know that they’d be better off eating the box. So, what were the health effects and mortality / morbidity impacts of the “rationed diet”. Wonder how many were killed or crippled at home versus casualties on the battlefield. That would be an interesting number to know.


The Gooferment is ALWAYS immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

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