GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Pretty funny — humans will evade diktats

India Liquor Ruling Adds Twist to Sales Maze
Saabira Chaudhuri at
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GOA, India—An increasingly hard-line view on alcohol in India is threatening sales for global spirits makers as a new ruling forces many local sellers to shut down or adapt.
In an attempt to reduce alcohol-fueled road accidents, India’s Supreme Court banned the sale of booze within 500 meters (547 yards) of national and state highways starting this month, a decision that affects liquor stores, bars, restaurants and hotels.
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Still, state governments depend heavily on liquor as a revenue stream, and some have moved to have state highways reclassified as roads in response to the ban. Indian liquor retailers have taken their own creative measures.
One outlet in the coastal state of Kerala has constructed a maze patrons must walk through, which puts the door more than 500 meters from a highway, according to local media reports. Others have moved their entrances, forcing people to drive more than 500 meters. The Supreme Court ruling hasn’t clarified whether the distance is to be measured as the crow flies or otherwise, leaving open a loophole that retailers and bars are determined to exploit.
“We Indians always find a way out,” said Shivkaran Singh, who expects that Circus, a restaurant he owns in Gurugram, will be allowed to serve liquor again after the entrance to the site housing it and about 30 other pubs and restaurants was moved.
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Like I always RANT, “the Gooferment can’t keep drugs out of their prisons; what makes them try in a free society”!
Here’s another example of that principle. Humans are the “cockroaches” of diktats. Tell someone “can’t”, and EVEN IF they don’t want to do it, they’ll try just to see if it can be done. 
It’s like “Don’t think of a pink elephant.” It’s impossible not too. Laugh!
I do like the idea of a maze. 
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