GOLD: How can we ever get the debt and continual deficits under control?

Monday, February 12, 2018

“Strong Dollar”…”Weak Dollar”…What About A Gold-Backed Dollar?
by Tyler Durden
Fri, 02/09/2018 – 05:00

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Contradictory Palaver

The recent hullabaloo among President Trump’s top monetary officials about the Administration’s “dollar policy” is just the start of what will likely be the first of many contradictory pronouncements and reversals which will take place in the coming months and years as the world’s reserve currency continues to be compromised.  So far, the Greenback has had its worst start since 1987, the year of a major stock market reset.

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How can we ever get the debt and continual deficits under control as long as the Gooferment has an unlimited checkbook?


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SECESSION: ​Time to spinoff “states”?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Think California politics is on the far-left fringe? Just wait for the next elections. – The Washington Post

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​Time to spinoff “states”? My personal “bye bye” list (in alpha order): AK, CA, HI, MA, MD, ND, NH, NY/NJ, SC, TX, and VT. Goes without saying that​ PR and all the other “possessions” should be set free.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Nazi-like tattoos and the mark of the Devil!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

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In The 1930s, There Was A Craze To Get Which Of These Things Tattooed On Your Body?

  • Franklin Roosevelt’s Face
  • Social Security Number
  • Tube TVs
  • Airships

Answer: Social Security Number

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Because the program was so new (and favored so strongly by the public), there was a certain excitement surrounding the launch of Social Security. People were instructed to keep their cards safe, but they also needed to keep the number handy at the same time. While some people simply memorized the number, there was a fad of sorts where individuals rushed out to get the number tattooed on their bodies. Some simply had the number itself—as seen here on the arm of Memphis-area engineer Jeon Reese Roofener—while others had the number embedded in a flag, Social Security Administration logo, or other embellishment. Even for those that wished to avoid getting a tattoo, there was a market for Social Security number related products. To this day, you’ll occasionally find signet rings and other jewelry in antique stores with Social Security numbers openly displayed on them.

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In all the horrors of the Nazi extermination camps, one that stands out was the tattooing of tracking numbers on the poor victims.

Here we have an example of the same thing, except people are doing it voluntarily!


When you realize that current day “identity theft” would not be possible without the “social security number”, you’ll understand how “We, The Sheeple” was fooled.

Hard to believe that it was “(and favored so strongly by the public)”. Guess they didn’t see the Ponzi-like scheme behind the curtain. Like the bull fighter’s sword behind the cape, the politicians and bureaucrats really stuck it to us. Intergenerational theft!

So how do we unwind it?

Demand the politicians and bureaucrats give us back our identites. Maybe the new blockchain technology can do that for us?


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INOVATION: “Cat music”?

Friday, February 9, 2018


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Accordingly they got musician David Teie to compose three songs that ought to appeal to felines and tried them out on 47 domestic cats, comparing their reactions to Bach’s “Air on a G String” and Fauré’s “Elegie.” The cat music was pitched about an octave higher than human voices, and its tempos replicated purring and suckling rather than a human heartbeat.

The cats showed no interest in the music intended for humans, but they showed a “significant preference for and interest in” Teie’s cat-targeted songs, approaching the speakers and often rubbing their scent glands on them. Also, for some reason young and old cats seemed to like the cat music better than middle-aged ones.

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Wonder if there is a “bird music”?

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POLITICAL: Time to shutdown the IRS and the FBI

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Jerry Breen
5 hrs · 

Here’s another cartoon on the “explosive” Nunes memo. It was supposed to “blow up” the Russia investigation. Instead, it exposed the fact that Trump’s campaign recruited someone identified as a Russian spy 3 years earlier to be a foreign policy advisor! Good move, Republicans! Keep it up!

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I think you are misreading the impact of the memo. Senior FBI officials were not the impartial agents of goodness that Elliot Ness and Effram Zimbilist Jr portrayed them to be. In fact, even by the “loose” standards of FISA, senior FBI officials misled the Court to issue warrants on an incomplete basis. Possible perjurious. Like when the BHO44 used the IRS against his political opponents, here’s EVIDENCE that the same thing happened at the FBI. Both imho are equally unacceptable. Hence the IRS and FBI must be shutdown to prevent it from happening again.

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RANT: Wikipedia goes the way of Snopes

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Five of the Best Examples of Left-wing Bias on Wikipedia in 2017
by T.D. ADLER 1 Feb 2018

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Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales believes the Wikipedia model can help salvage journalistic integrity, but in the year since Donald Trump took office as President of the United States, the online encyclopedia has instead proven unable to even restrain its own biased editing community.

A look back on five of the biggest cases of political bias that gripped the site in 2017 should discourage anyone from looking to Wikipedia as a source for reliable and neutral information on the political topics of the day.

1. Instructor at Berkeley sending students on anti-Trump editing spree

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​Sadly, I like the concept of Wikipedia. But like Snopes, the hard left tilt has destroyed it’s value for me.

I made some donations to Wikipedia in the past but no more. 

So sad, to see a great idea, aka like the internet version of Library of Alexandria, go astray.

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INTERESTING: Perhaps the “free market” genie is out of the bottle

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


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In 2008, after succeeding his brother Fidel as Cuba’s president, Raul Castro allowed more small scale capitalist ventures to flow into the communist nation. Hotels sprang up, along with nightclubs and restaurants. However, as Castro looks to leave office, he has started to reign in the trend. In August the government announced it was putting a halt on some new businesses.

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Maybe DJT45 will allow free and unrestricted trade with Cuba.

Or even just turn a blind eye to it. Wasn’t it Western music aka the Beetles and blue jeans that brought down the USSR?

If that works on Cuba, then why can’t “we” try it with North Korea?

Dona Nobis Pacem

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