TINFOILHAT: Is this sunken the submarine used by Hitler to escape to Argentina? It’s certainly “Possible”.


Was this sunken submarine used by Hitler to escape to Argentina? Wreck rumoured to have smuggled the Fuhrer to South America could be Nazi U-boat, expert says

  • New images have emerged of a shipwreck rumoured to have helped Hitler escape to Argentina – and experts now say it could be a real Nazi submarine
  • The wreck was discovered near Quequén, a port in central Argentina, by group
  • Experts say it could be a German U-Boat after analysing new pictures of wreck

By Michael Havis For Mailonline

Published: 04:42 EST, 10 November 2022 | Updated: 04:52 EST, 10 November 2022

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New images have emerged of a shipwreck rumoured to have helped Hitler escape to Argentina – and experts now say it could be a real Nazi submarine.

The 262ft-long wreck was discovered near Quequén, a port in central Argentina, by the Eslabón Perdido (Missing Link) research group.

Group leader Abel Basti believes it was a Nazi submarine that could have smuggled Hitler to South America.

*** and ***

Declassified FBI documents also include one 1945 account of Hitler reaching Argentina by U-boat, but that was at the Valdes Peninsula – some 400 miles south of the newly-found wreckage.

*** end quote ***

It’s like every five years or so, something is uncovered that reignites the question.

It certainly seems “5. Possible” that this is a valid “Historical” conspiracy theory.

I’m not sure that “We, The Sheeple” will ever know on this side of the grave what the truth is.

I guess if one could find a body then DNA could be used. Or maybe there are fingerprints on that sub?

But if the “Elite” don’t already “know”, that probably have no interest in exposing any other “dirty little secrets” (i.e., the Russian and Americans hustled German rocket scientist “home” without regard to war crimes).  We know that Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy. So I’l just keep watching this topic for more “disclosures.


POLITICAL: Let’s go back top p[aper ballots!


Proposed: The [Optional] End to the Secret Ballot
Is the Traditional Secret Ballot — In Digital-Black-Hole Voting Systems — Dangerously Out of Date?
Dr Naomi Wolf
Nov 7

*** begin quote ***

New voting machines that produce a paper ballot for each vote cast make it possible for election officials to conduct post-election audits. Approximately half of all states and the District of Columbia conduct post-election audits, which require a review of paper ballots to check the accuracy of the votes cast. With partisan actors fueled by the Big Lie conducting partisan reviews that undermine confidence in our elections, it is becoming increasingly important for qualified election officials to conduct legitimate audits of their own […]” [https://www.brennancenter.org/our-work/research-reports/voting-machines-risk-2022#footnote1_tstxxlf]

You don’t have to believe that it is “partisan” to demand a verified paper trail for every election, to want a better assurance that your vote will be properly counted, than — the nothing at all you get when think that you have made your choice, and when you walk away from a “DRE” without a “VVPAT”.

*** and ***

It may well be that millions of Americans will “shout” their choices publicly by posting a public image of their vote on a public platform; maybe not; but again, the fact that there will be independent verification, whether it is of public or private archives, or a mixture that is up to the choice of the citizens, will chill the plans of voting-day evildoers.

Then in time, God willing, we will all go back to paper. With receipts.

And yes, O elites, we’ll go back to doing our vote counting the way it has been done for most of our nation’s history: not with “experts” and “officials” alone counting the vote, not with corrupted media prematurely announcing the winner — but rather with citizens counting the verifiable votes — yes;

Down to the




*** end quote ***

I don’t trust any “computer system” to be “honest”.  

So let’s get back to paper.

I have no problem with a digital device that prepares ballot that is readable by the human being.

Given that scanners can OCR stuff with high precision that can speed the process.  

Add voter id and “Election Day” (I,e,: not election month).

The system should be verifiably trustworthy.

It ain’t now!


MONEY: The coming default by the US FED / Treasury?


Are You Ready For The Coming US Government Default?
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Nov 07, 2022 – 07:20 AM

Authored by MN Gordon via EconomicPrism.com,

*** begin quote ***

The vast herd of investors are a deluded crowd. Following the Federal Reserve’s much anticipated 75 basis point rate hike on Wednesday the major stock market indexes jumped upward.

Optimistic investors keyed in on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) statement and, in particular, the remark that the Fed, “will take into account the cumulative tightening of monetary policy, the lags with which monetary policy affects economic activity and inflation and economic and financial developments.”

*** and ***

In other words, this bear market may not bottom out until well into 2025. What’s more, the entire dollar based financial system will likely blow up sometime beforehand.

*** and ***

But many won’t recognize heavy handed monetary policy as reasons for their disappointment. The erosion of purchasing power can be subtle over long periods. Moreover, the effects of currency debasement policies extend to all corners of the economy.

*** end quote ***

Depends upon how you define default. What happens when no one wants to buy US Treasuries?

It’s going to be ugly. As the interest rate goes up, more of the Federal budget should go to interest on the debt. If they don’t cut, then more dollar printing.

A vicious cycle.


But what will be the form of it? Us tin foil hats are trying to guess will they just: “print”, “default on the bonds (i.e., tough <synonym for excrement> you suckers)”, or something involving a FED version of mandatory bitcoin (i.e., cash is recalled just like gold was)?

And, then what will the sheeple do?


VETERANS: The Gooferment allows “Churches” that support the welfare / warfare state


Another Double Whammy
By Laurence M. Vance
November 3, 2022

*** begin quote ***

If you have the misfortune of attending the typical conservative, evangelical, or fundamentalist church on a Sunday before a military appreciation day (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day), you will see the church building and the grounds around the church decorated with American flags, hear special prayers offered for the troops, see military personnel and veterans recognized (especially if they wear their uniforms to church), read the church bulletin with an American flag on the cover, see men wearing cross and flag lapel pins, hear hymns of worship sung to the state, hear the choir singing a medley of patriotic songs, see video tributes to the troops, and hear the pianist play the song of each branch of the military during the offering.

But now, this Sunday, since it is also the Sunday before election day, you can expect to see and hear extra American flags adorning the church and grounds, admonitions to pray for America and government officials, a military color guard parading down the main aisle of the church to open the service, pastors reading the Declaration of Independence, pastors leading the congregation in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, men wearing American flag ties, local politicians in attendance (only Republicans, of course) being introduced and sometimes asked to come up and say a few words, and/or a military chaplain from the local base delivering the sermon.

Some churches will no doubt also sing Lee Greenwood’s patriotic anthem “God Bless the USA,” and they will sing it proudly because they are proud to be Americans where at least they know they’re free. (I can just picture Christians singing this in church in 2020 or 2021 with a mask on their face.)

*** end quote ***

In my “eddycation”, I always thought that the Church was a “Champion of the People” against the King in the Middle Ages.  I think that in Lincoln’s “Civil War” (aka the war of northern aggression) that line was blurred.  That trend continued into WW1 when the Churches aligned themselves with the Gooferment.  Fast forward to the Viet Nam war when the Churches were big in the (Astroturf) antiwar movement against Nixon. LBJ just stepped into it.  At that point, the Deep State began to subvert the Church goers with a deliberate policy of eroding moral values.  Pedophilia in the Catholic Church took them out of education business.  And here we wind up with the various Churches supporting the “military”.   The Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats could care less about the troops or veterans.  Look at the MIA as an example.  So I think the writer is on to something.

Let’s separate Church and State!


SECURITY: BBC reporter creates fake Americans.


BBC tries to understand politics by creating fake Americans
By DAVID BAUDER — November 1, 2022

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NEW YORK (AP) — Larry, a 71-year-old retired insurance broker and Donald Trump fan from Alabama, wouldn’t be likely to run into the liberal Emma, a 25-year-old graphic designer from New York City, on social media — even if they were both real.

Each is a figment of BBC reporter Marianna Spring’s imagination. She created five fake Americans and opened social media accounts for them, part of an attempt to illustrate how disinformation spreads on sites like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok despite efforts to stop it, and how that impacts American politics.

That’s also left Spring and the BBC vulnerable to charges that the project is ethically suspect in using false information to uncover false information.

“We’re doing it with very good intentions because it’s important to understand what is going on,” Spring said. In the world of disinformation, “the U.S. is the key battleground,” she said.

*** end quote ***

This is easily prevented by requiring a credit card and charging for access.  Elon’s 8$/month will do more to eliminate, or down grade bots, than can be imagined.

The fee would eliminate fakes PDQ.  Surprising that no one mentions it in the article.

Of course, there’s no way to comment on the site, because they are just interested in attracting eyeballs.


PEACE: Ethiopia’s Tigray truce — always a good thing


Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict: Truce agreed

  • Redwan Hussien Rameto (L) from the Ethiopian government, and Getachew Reda (R), who represents Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), shook hands on the deal.

By Cecilia Macaulay & Anne Soy
BBC News

*** begin quote ***

Tigray Truce

Ethiopian officials and representatives from the country’s northern Tigray region agreed to a truce yesterday, suspending a bloody civil war that included accusations of war crimes, genocide, and attacks against international aid workers. The deal came one day ahead of the two-year anniversary of the conflict.

Governed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, Tigray accounts for just 6% of Ethiopia’s population but has historically enjoyed outsized influence among the country’s many ethnic groups (see 101). The rise of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in 2018 led to a shift toward nationalized politics and away from regional blocs of power, triggering tensions with Tigrayan leaders that spiraled into open conflict in 2020.

Some estimates place the death toll from the conflict near 500,000, with more than 5 million residents displaced and hundreds of thousands of civilians succumbing to famine.

*** end quote ***

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9, NIV).

Now let’s send the brokers to Ukraine and Russia.


POLITICAL: Chicago is an example of what NOT to do — coddle criminals


The Madness of Lori Lightfoot and Chicago’s Violent Crime
By Steve Huntley
November 2, 2022

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How does crime maim a great city like Chicago? Let us count the ways.

For starters, regular visits to the excellent news website cwbchicago.com reveal a comprehensive, if depressing, chronicle of murders, robberies, assaults, carjackings, drag races on city streets and other crimes exacting a terrible toll on the city that used to work. And all too frequently, accounts of children cut down by stray bullets sprayed by punk gunslingers.

Or track the numbers, as the Sun-Times does with murders. It counts 578 people killed in Chicago so far in 2022. That rate is down a bit from the last two years but still way ahead of the toll before the Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots blighted American city centers with looting, arson, assault, an explosion of crime and the defund the police movement crippling law enforcement across the land.

Or there’s the regular Monday adding up of the previous weekend’s mayhem and havoc. The most recent weekend tally — 35 people shot, five of them fatally, according to ABC-Chicago.

Or there’s the outbreak of fear-inducing crime in neighborhoods once deemed safe, like Chicago’s affluent Lakeview neighborhood in the shadow of world-famous Wrigley Field

There were five separate armed robber/abduction/kidnappings reported there recently over a couple of days.

Or there’s the soon-to-be unleashed wave of criminals returning to the streets under Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s bill to eliminate cash bail, a measure opposed by virtually every state’s attorney in Illinois — except of course the criminal-coddling Cook County alleged prosecutor Kim Foxx.

Or, speaking of far-left extremist George Soros’ favorite Chicagoan, a CWB Chicago analysis shows that on Foxx’s watch, the average sentence for carjackings is 9.4 years, down from 12.4 years in the seven years before she became Cook County state’s attorney.

On and on it goes, the ways to count Chicago’s misery from crime.

*** end quote ***

Braxton / Guiliani cleaned up NYC by focusing on crimes and removing the bad element of society.

I can’t imagine living in Chicago which is like a third world shithole with rampant crime.

Liberal DA’s are doing “We, The Sheeple” no favors.  Why bother arresting people if they can be back out on the street before the paperwork is done?

Violent crimes should require some bail that is tiered based on the crime, likelihood of reoffending, and will they show up for court.  Repeat offenders already out on bail or probation should be remanded.

Let’s take a few average JoeSixpacks in the court to decide if they agree with the bail recommendations?  That should be entertaining.  Put it on Pay Per View or have a live TV show vote.



INSPIRATIONAL: Listen for the chance to do good in life!

Icon for Good Vibes ツ
Good Vibes ツ
Posted by
Elliana Bowers

Oct 15

“I missed my first flight to LA yesterday and had to catch another. I was so upset, but now I know why! When I finally got to LAX baggage claim, I went to the bathroom to check my little makeup and I heard a woman crying so hard. I was wondering if I should say something like, ‘It’s gonna be okay,’ but I was nervous and she was speaking Spanish so I didn’t know if she’d even understand me. I left and came back to the bathroom like four times while I was waiting for my bags to come down (full flight), and I heard her say, ‘But the bus doesn’t come until tomorrow.’ My heart dropped, so I asked her if she had Zelle or CashApp. She said no. So I asked her if I could pay for a hotel until tomorrow and she stopped crying and opened the stall door AND I SAW THE SLEEPING KIDS. I felt so happy to help her, knowing I’d just be spending my little money on bullsh*t. She rode with me to the Marriott and I got her a room. I wanted to share this because I kept thinking, ‘HOW MANY PEOPLE CAME INTO THE BATHROOM, HEARD HER CRYING FOR HOURS, DIDN’T KNOW THERE WERE KIDS, AND KEPT GOING?’ I’m glad I said something because she was super sweet and appreciative and she had babies with her.”

Credit: Cyn Symoné

# – # – # – # – #

No idea if this is authentic or not, but it suonds like it could be.

Reminds me to be alert for opportunities for me to “save my soul”.



INTERESTING: A crab annual migration that sparks traffic jams


Incredible moment tens of MILLIONS of red crabs march across a remote island – in annual migration that sparks traffic jams every year

  • Millions of red crabs have begun their annual migration across Christmas Island
  • More then 65 million crabs will trek 20km from the forests to the ocean to breed
  • The population has grown substantially due to the suppression of invasive ants

By Jesse Hyland and Olivia Day For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 20:25 EDT, 30 October 2022 | Updated: 21:56 EDT, 30 October 2022

*** begin quote ***

A sea of red has washed over picturesque Christmas Island – as tens of millions of red crabs march from the rainforests to the coast to breed.

*** end quote ***

How do the crabs know the calendar, phase of the moon, and high tide?

I love the “flyover bridge” that was constructed for their use.

And the signboard that tells drivers what roads are closed do to the migration.

Amazing that humans would allow themselves to be inconvenienced by nature.

Demonstrates how little we know and how out of tune we are with the world.


MONEY: Does anyone look at their coins or paper money?


“Ultra-Rare” 1913 Liberty Head Nickel Sells for Whopping $4.2M — One of Only Five in Existence
October 20, 2022

AUTHOR Rebekah Brandes

*** begin quote ***

Sometimes a nickel isn’t worth just 5 cents. Last week, one from 1913 sold for a whopping $4.2 million dollars.

The nickel in question, called the Walton 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, was acquired by GreatCollections auction house and boasts “one of the greatest stories to ever be told in U.S. numismatics,” per a press release.

*** end quote ***

While I doubt I’ll ever see one of these, I have found silver quarters in my change from time to time. A true pre-1965 quarter is reported to be worth about 4$.  And I have sold some one dollar bills with unique serial numbers.  



INTERESTING: Where is Africa, Europe, South America, and the USA actually?


Some common geographic mental misplacements
John Nelson

*** begin quote ***

So what are some tantalizing locational mistakes that seemingly come pre-installed in American students’ minds that geography teachers wrestle to overcome?

So glad you asked! Here is a cherry-picked handful of examples that we’ll dive into…

  • The northiness of Africa
  • The northiness of Europe
  • The eastiness of South America

*** end quote ***

I think I knew these but it was good to get a feel for EXACTLY where these places are.

How does your mental map square with reality?


ECONOMICS: Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that is a national disaster and getting worse


7 Facts Biden Ignored About Social Security in His Speech to Florida Retirees
Rachel Greszler / November 02, 2022

  • Rachel Greszler is a research fellow in economics, budget, and entitlements in the Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget, of the Institute for Economic Freedom, at The Heritage Foundation. Read her research.

*** begin quote ***

Social Security is a bad deal for current and future workers. Social Security may have been a good deal for Biden’s generation, but it’s not a good deal for current and future workers. A Heritage Foundation analysis showed that the average younger worker could receive nearly three times as much as Social Security can provide if they were instead able to save Social Security taxes in their own retirement accounts. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.) Even low-wage workers making about $20,000 a year could have 40% larger incomes in retirement as a result of saving on their own. And personal savings can be passed on to family members or friends, something that’s especially important for lower-income Americans, who are less likely to be able to save outside of Social Security and also for individuals with shorter life expectancies. One in five black men will die between the ages of 45 and 65, meaning they will pay tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars into Social Security and could get little or nothing in return.

*** end quote ***

It’s often been asserted and proved that Social Security is a racist program that transfers wealth from poor minority men to rich white women.

If for no other reason, it needs to be eliminated.  I’m sure the financial gurus can transform the unfunded liabilities fairly.  Yes, it will be painful and not pretty.  I can foresee the under 40 participants getting a 25+ year bonds for their “benefit”.  The 40 to 67 get a similar but non-transferable bond ladder.  Current recipients will have to be paid out of the current budget.  It’s going to require pain, but it’s better than future financial disaster when all the politicians and bureaucrats who created the mess are long dead.



GUNS: Could the US Gooferment ever sieze all the guns?


Kelly Jones
Knows a bit about firearms, and about physics

*** begin quote ***

If firearm confiscation were to become law, and gun owners fought against it, how many fatalities of either police or civilians would gun control activists be willing to accept before abandoning the effort?

Why would there be ANY fatalities?

Let’s think about the sides here:

On one side, you have gun owners, who aren’t willing to surrender their rights. They have guns.

On that same side, you have police, who (for the most part) are in favor of ‘civilian’ ownership of guns, and who (for the most part) have taken an oath to defend the constitution. They, also, have guns.

The only ones on the other side are the misguided citizens and politicians who illegally voted for gun confiscation. They, for the most part, have no guns. How, exactly, are they going to pose a lethal threat to the other side? This just seems like a non-starter, and possibly the shortest conflict ever.

The only question is, how will the victors handle those who sought to deprive them of their rights?

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but it is an interesting “thought experiment”.

I’d think it would be interesting to consider what would happen in the “inner city” first.  I’ve often written that the drug gangs would be a fine example of a guerrilla militia since Viet Nam.  Farmed by day; warrior by night.  The police can’t currently control the guns in the streets today under today’s rules.  What will happen if the elite Gooferment officials (i.e., ivory tower politicians and bureaucrats) declare it “open season”.  I doubt that police would enforce those orders.

Now let’s consider what happens in the rural areas where the average hunter may have better and more practiced with arms.  That’s not going to be pretty.

Now let’s consider all the arm chair keyboard warriors.  I’d bet that half give up their guns, but the other half would give a good account of “from my cold dead hands”.  That will be be a blood bath. 

In short, it would be short, bloody, and a reaffirmation of the RKBA.

Consider that in the USA there are probably a lot more guns than people.  And, those trains will not be loading willing participants.

Most patriots will remember the Holocaust, the Japanese American interment, the Trail of Tears, and Gooferment’s violent history of suppression here and abroad.

Yes, how will the trials after work out for the gun grabbers.

Hope it never comes to that.



How physics and a video game trick forever changed the NASCAR Championships

If you’ve ever driven a car, you know how important it is for your tires to grip the road. As long as your tires aren’t slipping along the road, you remain in control of your vehicle; when you turn your steering wheel, the angle at which your tires grip the road changes, propelling you forward with an accompanying change in direction.

Source: How physics and a video game trick forever changed the NASCAR Championships

*** begin quote ***

For whatever it’s worth, Chastain’s final lap time, where he incorporated this video game-inspired strategy into his driving, was 18.845 seconds: the fastest lap in the 75 year history of this track. The move will likely inspire copycats in the future, forcing NASCAR to evaluate the dangers inherent in wall-riding during the final lap. At some point, they’ll have to make a decision as to whether this risky maneuver will remain legal, or whether the risks are too great to allow it.

*** end quote ***

One always has to look at the “constraints” to see if you can “cheat” nature and win.

A good lesson for anyone tempted to “follow the crowd”.


POLITICAL: Here’s a lady ranting about human trafficking — who care who doesn’t want to hear it


Lara is asking important questions, you may not like how she asks them and the fact she is asking them; I love it. Bravery
Dr. Paul Alexander
Oct 26

# – # – # – # – #

There’s no transcript of @Laura Logan’s rant but in a nutshell she points to human trafficking of children across the border who then “disappear” to who knows where. 

That’s upsetting and outrageous.  These children are human beings and deserve to be treated humanely.

It also brings to mind Epstein’s and Maxwell’s “little black book of Clients” that has never been disclosed.

The Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy. And, this lady needs o ur support to expose the truth.



TINFOILHAT: FDA in complicity & collusion with CDC & Pfizer were NEVER … going for approval


FDA in complicity & collusion with CDC & Pfizer were NEVER ever going to grant BLA ‘full’ licensure approval of COVID vaccine; was going to keep it ALWAYS on EUA; why? ineffective & harmful, could not pass thresholds to get full BLA, vaccine could not be granted BLA as is too harmful, FDA knew it & gave placebo group vaccine so study was OVER, only way then is via child immunization schedule
Dr. Paul Alexander

*** begin quote ***

… was explained this by FDA and CDC high level officials on condition of anonymity. FDA with the vaccine makers had their plan ALWAYS never ever grant BLA for the vaccine could not pass that test, and FDA officials knew they would go to jail for the vaccine killed and they could not get past that, so kept it on EUA, so always was headed to children immunization schedule, they concocted that scheme.

The American people have been defrauded and been lied to day one by FDA, CDC, NIH etc. All the officials. These are not just inept people, they are corruptible.

*** end quote ***

Seems like a “special prosecutor” is in order.

Personally, I always thought it was strange when the placebo group was vaccinated before the end of the trial.

They didn’t want any honest “study” of the drug.  Tootin foil hat         much money involved.

Special place in hell.

As tin foil hat Conspiracy Theories go, I’d call the a “Government & Commercial” one that is “3. More likely than not”!


GUNS: Armed citizen stops attack on pregnant woman


Armed citizen stops attack on pregnant woman outside Florida grocery store
By Cam Edwards | 11:30 AM on October 26, 2022

*** begin quote ***

A bystander drew his gun on a man accused of beating and stomping on his pregnant girlfriend outside a Publix super market, ending the “brutal” attack, Florida deputies say. The incident occurred around 5:15 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22, in the parking lot of the Largo grocery store, according to an arrest affidavit. The woman told Pinellas County deputies that her boyfriend, Cole Danisment, 27, got angry and punched her in the face repeatedly. She fell to the ground, and Danisment is then accused of stomping on her head and upper body.

The woman told deputies that Danisment knew she was 14 weeks pregnant with his unborn child. A man who witnessed the attack said he feared for the woman’s life, prompting him to intervene. Danisment didn’t stop brutalizing the woman until the witness pulled a gun on him, according to the affidavit.

According to police, Danisment had a no-contact order issued just last week after another domestic violence arrest that prohibited him from being anywhere near the woman he allegedly assaulted. That court order didn’t stop him from allegedly carrying out the brutal assault of his girlfriend, obviously. It took a stranger who was lawfully carrying concealed to bring the attack to a close without it escalating any further.

*** end quote ***

Court orders don’t protect victims.  A gun gives them a fighting chance.

The court order should come with a loaner gun and quick training session from the local sheriff or deputy.

And, if the domestic violence suspect comes close enough to be shot, then that is a de facto “good shooting”.

“God made men and women; Sam Colt made them equal.” — Unknown


POLITICAL: Repeal the 17th and use their Home State discipline them


REPORT: Menendez under investigation… again?
October 26, 20221 min read Matt Rooney

*** begin quote ***

Allegations of unethical (or worse) behavior have dogged Bob Menendez for as long as he’s been in Washington. His 2017 bribery trial ended in a mistrial.

Is he under investigation… again?

According to Kadia Goba of Semafor, “[p]rosecutors in the Southern District of New York have contacted people connected to [U.S. Senator] Menendez in recent weeks” and “have sent at least one subpoena in the case.”

*** end quote ***

Remember when US Senators were held to high standards by their State Legislators?  One wiff of scandal or impropriety and they were recalled and replaced.

There also were no such things as “unfunded mandates”.


Repeal the 17th and eliminate “carpetbagging” and cut some of the money going into elections!


TINFOILHAT: Is Katy Perry’s eye a vaccine injury? And who is preventing her from tweeting about it?


Is Katy Perry’s eye a vaccine injury?

  • If I had to guess, I’d say “yes.” Here’s my reasoning.

Steve Kirsch

*** begin quote ***

Here’s the story of Katy Perry’s eye.

Here’s the video… 16.4M views.

First off, let’s eliminate the obvious.

Katy Perry has a “wonk” eye, but it is her left eye. She admits this in this video from 2011. Now how can we be sure the video wasn’t mirrored and it’s really her right eye? We can ascertain this because the candy bar she shows at 00:35 into the video is correctly displayed so we can read the writing. So the video isn’t mirrored. It’s her left eye.

*** and ***

If it was the vaccine, she wouldn’t be able to admit it.

The fact that she has said nothing about this on her Twitter feed is also very suspicious. Everyone is talking about this. So it means there isn’t an explanation for this incident that she is allowed to share with the public that the public will believe (that is consistent with what we all observed).

So I’m guessing a COVID vaccine side effect.

*** end quote ***

Who would be motivated to shut her up?

Celebrities tweet about everything all the time.  Why not about this?

Who has enough power to get her to keep quiet for what ever it is and whatever caused it.

AND, if it is a vaccine injury, then we need to know?


GUNS: Responsible gun owner stop s robbery with no shots fired


I will take ‘concealed carry’ anytime over the knife, see what this piece of garbage faced when he pulled the knife on the supermarket cashier; gun owner was responsible, others might have opened up
Dr. Paul Alexander

# – # – # – # – #

Every time I get engaged about concealed carry it seems to be after a disaster (i.e., young girl killed by a shot at a fleeing criminal).  I’m forced to defend the principle in a specific bad example.

Here’s a good example of the principle in action.  No shots fired; no one hurt; and robber stopped cold.

Concealed carry does NOT equal “Wild West” shootouts.  (Which by the way were very rare. “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” — Robert A. Heinlein)


INTERESTING: How fast is gravity, exactly? Fast enough to make my head hurt thinking about it.


Hard Science — October 24, 2022
How fast is gravity, exactly?

  • Thanks to observations of gravitational waves, scientists were able to settle a longstanding debate over the speed of gravity.

Key Takeaways

  • Throughout history, scientists have proposed many answers for the exact speed of gravity.
  • Broadly speaking, the two main propositions have been that gravity is either infinitely fast or as fast as the speed of the light.
  • Thanks to observations of gravitational waves recorded in 2017, we now know that gravity and light travel at the same speed.

Don Lincoln

*** begin quote ***

While gravitational radiation was predicted back in 1916, it took scientists nearly a century to develop the technology to detect it. To detect these distortions, scientists take two tubes, each about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) long, and orient them at 90 degrees, so they form an “L.” They then use a combination of mirrors and lasers to measure the length of both of the legs. Gravitational radiation will change the length of the two tubes differently, and if they see the right pattern of changes of length, they have observed gravitational waves.

*** and ***

So, that’s the answer. Gravity and light travel at the same speed, determined by a precise measurement. It validates Einstein once again, and it hints at something profound about the nature of space. Scientists hope one day to fully understand why these two very different phenomena have identical speeds.

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Not only do I NOT understand the point that they are making. It gives me a headache to read about it. YMMV, but all the same very interesting.


TINFOILHAT: Where is James Gordon Meek?


ABC Journalist James Gordon Meek Still Missing After FBI Raided His Home in April

  • Meek covered many sensitive topics in his career. Did he come across something that frightened the government?

Posted by Mary Chastain Monday, October 24, 2022 at 07:00am

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In April, the FBI raided ABC investigative journalist James Gordon Meek’s apartment. People “believe the raid is among the first — and quite possibly, the first — to be carried out on a journalist by the Biden administration.”

Are we in China?

No one knows for sure why the FBI targeted Meek, who once worked as a senior counterterrorism advisor and investigator for the House Homeland Security Committee.

No one has seen or talked to Meek since the raid.

Believe it or not, Rolling Stone broke the story five days ago. John Antonelli described the raid at the Arlington, VA, apartment complex. It sounds like something right out of a movie, someone who committed a vicious crime:

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Could the raid have anything to do with Meek’s last tweet? It implied that we have been helping Ukraine much more than the administration told us. In fact, the help has been happening since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014.

Meek’s last tweet:

Actually, it started long time ago…we learned this between 2014-2022. Not just now. It was an 8 year lab experiment on Russian TTPs. On EW. On everything. This is why Ukrainians (with our advise/assist) r doing so well. Ask those in IC and UW communities. We learned a shit ton.

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The White House press corps should ask Karine Jean-Pierre about Meek every day. Every administration official should be asked about Meek when addressing reporters.

Where is James Gordon Meek?

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Will we EVER get an answer?  Just how out of control is the Gooferment?


HEALTH: Do your own research before vaccination or don’t be surprised if bad things happen later


Stanford tells doctors to give false information in order to overcome vaccine hesitancy

  • I found a Stanford course used to train doctors worldwide on how to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Basically, they tell doctors to give false information. They truly believe the false narrative.

Steve Kirsch

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One of the references is to a paper on why people resisted making the HPV vaccine mandatory. I can tell you why people resisted the HPV vaccine… that vaccine is the second most dangerous vaccine in VAERS, that’s why. Only the COVID vaccines are more dangerous. It has 3 times the number of adverse events that all other vaccines combined at the time it was introduced. That’s why!

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I am now officially an “anti-vaxer”.  Before I take another one, I’ll have to be really convinced it’s “safe and effective”.



‘Speed of Science’ — A Scandal Beyond Your Wildest Nightmare

In conclusion, there’s no reason to trust government ever again, at least not in the U.S., which stands alone in pushing the jab on toddlers. (The reason for that, as mentioned earlier, is probably to get the jabs onto the childhood vaccination schedule, which will shield the vaccine makers from financial liability for harms.) As noted by GB News host Neil Oliver in the video above, the very basis for COVID mandates or vaccine passports — that everyone had to get jabbed for the greater good, to protect others and help end the pandemic — was a deliberate lie from the start.

*** and ***

The primary questions that still remain unanswered are: Why was this script created? What are its intended consequences? And, who created it? As mentioned earlier, the evidence suggests harm is an intended outcome — harm to our economy, our social order, our health, our life span and reproductive capacity.

As for “why,” we can just look at what has been accomplished so far. Assuming the consequences were intentional, the “why” appears to be wealth transfer, depopulation and the creation of a one world government.

Source: ‘Speed of Science’ — A Scandal Beyond Your Wildest Nightmare