LIBERTY: The FEC is an unconstitutional nightmare

Posted on Fri, Dec. 29, 2006
FEC fines could bring undemocratic silencing
Bradley A. Smith

served as chairman of the Federal Election Commission in 2004 and is a professor of law at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio

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Two weeks ago, the Federal Election Commission fined, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and two other groups a total of $629,500 for violating campaign-finance laws during the 2004 election. According to the FEC, these “527” organizations (so named for the tax-code provision governing their activities) should have registered as political action committees, which would have limited their ability to receive large donations and probably would have shut them out.

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Now the government will decide what speech is “approved”.

Remember this contribution to free speech when you see Mc Cain and Fiengold.

LIBERTY: End the supposed “war” on drugs … … now!

Right and Simple
by Charley Reese

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The right thing to do, of course, is to legalize the stuff and conduct a public-education campaign against its use. It works with tobacco, and it would work with illegal drugs. Thousands of people are criminalized for no good reason except a bunch of stupid laws on the books and politicians too cowardly to change them.

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It’s immoral (to tell people what they can do with their own body), ineffective (does prevent the harm that people do to themselves and inflicts damage up to death on innocent people), and inefficient (inflicts massive costs on ourselves and inflicts tremendous collateral damage far in excess of the problem it is attempting to solve).

Start off the new year demanding an end!

XPfails – luggable – PAYTRUST website won’t authenticate

I actually had to call their support and undergo a lot of pain “authenticating”. Will someone please tell me how knowing my details authenticates me? Now, if they said “we’ll call you back”, then I might believe it. Asking me my address and phone number and email address doesn’t “authenticate” squat.

And, don’t tell me you are “doing it for my protection”! That’s Barbara Striesand. They’re doing it for their protection.

No explanation of why it worked yesterday but not today. No explanation of why it didn’t work today. They want me to use IE (I don’t!) Telling me that their site is not “optimized” for Firefox or Opera.


And, that they were voted the best bill payment service. By who, their employees.

The only reason, I put up with this … (PayMyBills was acquired by the competitor Paytrust after I selected PMB over PayT. Subsequently acquired by Quicken.) … is that they are the only service that will receive a paper bill, scan it, and email me. And, they keep pushing ebilling!

Their idea of ebilling is that I do all the work and setup an online account with a biller. Then turn over all that authentication information to them so that they can then go pretend that they are me. I don’t think so!

Any way, if there was a competitor, I’d sure consider it.