RANT: over-the-counter meth laws claim an early innocent


Man Arrested for Allergies
Radley Balko | December 24, 2006, 9:06am

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Those stupid over-the-counter meth laws claim an early innocent victim

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If this wasn’t so serious, it would be funny.

It makes no sense. Makes criminals out of good people. Kills children through “ad drugs” and collateral damage. AND, it takes away all our rights.

Let’s let the drug dealers compete with WalMart. Let everyone worry about their own problems. Get the gooferment out of our medicine chests. Prohibition of Alcohol didn’t work! It only took less than a decade for the people to recognize it.

End the “Drug War” now! It’s a bad joke.

LIBERTY: putting all your money in gold and burying it will at least keep you whole




VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: A mission for further economic ruin

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How do we know the dollar supply is going up at 10 percent a year? We can’t be positive — Mr. Bernanke’s gang decided last February that we peasants no longer need to see this number, known as the “M-3 monetary aggregate.” But 10 percent is a reasonable extrapolation from other numbers still reported, and from what the Fed was doing 10 months ago — with even more furious printing activity likely to follow, as the proud authors of the Washington Fiscal Death Spiral seek to inflate their way out of the actuarial bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security.

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Of the three things we need — honest money, private schools, and ending the dole — this article address the dishonest money we are currently using. At 10% inflation, we can’t keep anything. No wonder that real estate, stocks, collectibles, and commodities are off the chart!

TECHNOLOGY: Free book summaries from WikiSummaries



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Free book summaries from WikiSummaries, that anyone can edit! WikiSummaries.org provides free summaries of books, plays and other written documents. This complements Wikipedia, which is already an excellent source of information on authors and brief book summaries. Where Wikipedia leaves off, WikiSummaries will continue with character profiles, detailed chapter summaries, study questions, important quotes, analysis of metaphor and symbolism, etc.

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Neat idea. Only 37 titles to start but … look at wikopedia!

TECHNOLOGY: The technology of Obituary Guest Books




Hey morbid topic, but technology is where you find it!

I do my “alumni news”. Part of doing that is reporting obits.

(Side note: Some folks have accomplished great things. Some have pages written about them. Some sadly have nothing. Don’t you wonder what yours will be? That’s a ghoulish idea for a biz!?!)

In doing this duty, I usually put in a small note as a fellow alum. (many times it’s the only one!), and I notice that Legacy is the big player. By my eye and unstatistically, they have 80% of what I see. They’ve even figured some different ways to monetize the biz. Extra charge to post a photo. Extra charge to keep it up for a year. Extra charge to keep it up forever. I’ve wondered what they charge. Just out of curiosity.

But today, I found a Funeral Home that has essentially duplicated the function. SO it was cheaper for them to pay to do their own then to pay Legacy.


Was to me.