LIBERTY: Gubamint Skools … a powerful indictment


How the Public School System Crushes Souls
December 12th, 2006 by Steve

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When you read about the problems with American education, you usually read a bunch statistics about literacy and dropout rates. But those statistics don’t do the subject justice because the problem with American education is a human story. Every dropout is a human being, every illiterate teenager is an individual, every teen that commits suicide was somebody’s baby, and every kid that’s doing 20 to life is a real breathing person – full of potential.

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This is a terrible story. At the root of it, one has to recognize that the country has made a terrible mistake. Education is too important to be left to this governmental abuse.

RANT: Politics as usual in Trenton

Isn’t interesting to review the “accomplishments” of the NuJerzee Legislature this year:

* No property tax reform

* No state pension reform

* No state worker benefit reform

* No limitation on pensions for part-time politicians

* No education reform

but they did pass a civil union bill. Huh?

My agenda:

* Repeal the state sales tax hike; it was just for pork, wasn’t it?

* Reform state pensions into a 401k; if IBM can do, why can’t the state?

* Eliminate a state benefits; raise people’s pay to cover a benefit; why is it the taxpayer’s problem?

* No pensions for any politicians; how did that boondoggle get started?

* No salaries for any state official — legislator, elected official, or judge; they should be honored to serve. Give’em a dollar a year and charge them for parking! Salaries for civil service workers; all else get zip nada nothing!

* Eliminate federal, state, or local — any government at all — involvement in education; why when commies run “reeducation camps” is it bad, but, when our government does it, that’s good? People had those children, let them educate them!

* Eliminate the government involvement in marriage; it was just to prevent black men from marrying white women any way, so why continue?

And while it is never mentioned:

* Repeal all state gun laws; what part of “shall not be infringed” don’t all these lawyers understand?

Besides we’ll need those guns to finally clean up the various rats nest of thugs in DC, Trenton, and elsewhere.

Shine up Trenton’s “golden” dome! Even that’s a fake. An illusion. A fraud.