RANT: Yesterday was a blur

I actually didn’t have any time to write.

This weekend’s work project, the final one of the year, for which I have some unclear responsibility, and some key people have taken off on vacation, has left me stressed.

Some of their backups need some reintroduction to some basic concepts: “No, we like to test BEFORE production, so that we know it will work in production. While I personally appreciate your innovative solution to the time problems, I think we should have you explain it to leadership so they can give you the proper credit for the idea. As a matter of fact, I think we should do that right now so they can express their appreciation of you innovation. Oh, OK, you can complete the testing before the end of the day. Great. Now what about the meeting with leadership? Cancel it. Sure. Fine. Have a great day!”

I can’t believe some people. The schedule is “tight”. But, what would be the purpose of testing AFTER one does something? Gee, let me shoot you in the foot to see if it hurts. The gun may not fire! But, if it does, then we didn’t need a test in the first place.


This fellow should move to Flori-DUH!