TECHNOLOGY: The newspapers should use rss to transform themselves

RSS – The Newspapers Revenge?
Mark Cuban
Dec 2nd 2006 5:11PM

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… how do you differentiate the paper from the net ? Its easy. For features, Online is where you put it up first to let people know you are working on it. Online may be where you intentionally overwhelm them with TOO many choices and too much information. Put up a complete 45 minute interview with Mark Cuban with a 400 word summary and you know how many people will listen to the entire interview ? None. People will read the 400 words and make a decision if they want more. Polished ? Absolutely not. And thats what differentiates it. Its your tease for the indepth article where you add context to the interview, write in depth about how wonderful, exciting and exceedingly handsome I am, get quotes from others confirming the same and create a story with such depth that maybe someone will believe it, but many will buy the paper expecting to find and read it.

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Now, I thought the fellow was a bozo. Between his reality show that made him look like an trivial idiot and his antics on the basketball court, I didn’t care for his whole act.

But, here, he seems to generate some strategies and tactics that could morph the moribund newspapers into web businesses.

Very interesting thinking.

LIBERTY: Just tell Kathryn Johnston to file a civil rights lawsuit!!!


Hate to say I told you so, but keep those Kevlar jammies handy
Dec. 03, 2006

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If the courts will not defend the sanctity of our homes, Americans retain the right and duty to do so ourselves.

Back in June, the justices who told us armed goons breaking in our doors in the dark of night were just hunky-dory said we were not without remedies. Why, Justice Anthony Kennedy said our legislatures can intervene if police officers do not “act competently and lawfully.”

Oh, sure. Think a single cop will go to jail for lying on this search warrant affidavit — already a crime in every state?

Not only that (Justice Kennedy explained from his marble palace), people whose homes are wrongly searched can always file a civil rights lawsuit.

Oh, fine. Just tell that to Kathryn Johnston.

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In the new Amrka, the inmates have no rights.

War on Drugs?

What a joke. Like the War on Poverty, there is no opposing state. It’s just a war on the Bill of Rights. With us as the victims.

We’re victimized in so many ways: we pay for the “justice” system; we pay to keep a whole lot of people in jail; we pay for gobs of people to watch them; we pay for a literal “army” of drug enforcers; we pay for the gubamint to dole drugs to us on prescriptions; we pay for a slew of drug regulations; and on and on and on.

Even the drug dealers like this current nonsensical system. They use the police to minimize the competition. Where else could they get an armed gang to take out the competition for “free”? No, it’s all cozy. The police get bribed. The politicians can have a straw dog to rail against. And, these drug dealers get rich.

I suggest we sick WalMart on them. Let’s legalize all drugs. Pardon all non-violent “drug offenders”. Shut down the DEA, FDA, and all their ilk. As anyone who has had to compete with WalMart can tell you, drug addicts will be able to buy their drugs for pennies. Young adults, dying from poisons in the illegal drugs or from varying potency, will be saved by WalMart’s insistence on quality. Can’t you just see the opportunities?

We need to end this supposed “war” on drugs. Disempower the gang in Washington from any role in “drugs”. Allow the invisible hand of the marketplace to “nuke” the violent drug gangs. Free the drug companies from any restriction, legislation, regulation, or inspection by anyone. And, terminate any regulation of “health care practitioners”. Certainly, the industry will figure out how to certify its members. Think Underwriters’ Laboratory.

It’ll be easier, cheaper, and a lot safer.

LIBERTY: What happened to America as a “free speech zone”?

Peaceful remembrance and angry protest mark farewell to man killed in police shooting

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Members of the New Black Panther Party and other angry demonstrators used the word “pigs” to describe police. It was clear from the start this group had no permit for their protest, but given the escalating racial tension here in Queens the NYPD wasn’t going to stop them. And some of the extremists in this crowd would have kept right on going had police tried.

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On both the TV and radio stations, they are continually pointing out that there was no permit for the demonstration.


What happened to America as a “free speech zone”?

This is just the media trying to propagandize us into to believing that we need the massa’s permission to speak out.


May I suggest that we all email the Newsroom at and point out their ignorance of the First Amendment.

PRODUCTIVITY: Adding plus signs to email — It’s a great spam preventive

Some website’s registration edits don’t support the gmail plus sign option.

We have to insist that they do or not use their sites.

To refresh your memory, GMAIL (to their credit) has innovated by adding the capability to allow a plus sign in the email address. So if your gmail email address is abcdef @ gmail dot com, then you can put anything you want after a plus sign. So if email comes addressed as abcdef + fedcba @ gmail dot com will get delivered to your email account and you can test on that stuff after the plus sign.

It’s a great spam preventive.

For example, I give each use of my gmail address a unique unguessable random code. (You expected different from a fellow who uses long strange email addresses?) Any email that arrives without a “plus code” is suspected of being spam. Should I get spam, I can pinpoint where the breakdown occurred.

So, if a website would will NOT accept a plus code, I don’t use it.

(Note correcting an instance where the fingers led a life of their own.)