RANT: Gubamint skool want to “go in a new direction”. How about out of business?



District fires grid coach
New direction sought for team
By: Bill Greenwood, Staff Writer

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Mark Prelewicz, head coach of the South Brunswick High School football team, will not be returning to the sidelines next year.

Athletic Director Elaine McGrath said Wednesday the school decided to “go in a new direction” and seek a new head coach for the 2007 season. Mr. Prelewicz was informed of the decision Monday, she said.

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Doesn’t anyone see a problem in the government running a school; let alone a school’s football program?

First, my earnings are stolen by taxes to support this activity in which I get to pay but have no voice in. Maybe Coach Mark was a terrible coach. But where does the Athletic Director get to say in my name, and all the taxpayers, that “we” want to go in a new direction. Maybe we don’t care if the team wins or loses, but maybe we value if the children are having fun, learning something, and safe.

Second, government schools are a queer activity in terms of Constitutional limits. Where does the authority for this odd creation come from? Certainly, no one has ever asked me. Students, teachers, and coaches are dealing with the government and then have all the associated rights when one deals with the government. It just becomes too confusing. What happened to the coach’s right to due process.

Third, and probably most important, it’s not fair to expect teachers and coaches to work in this new version of the “company store”. We don’t have the marketplace to supply the discipline to ensure that everyone is maximizing their service to their fellow human beings. The government, its schools, and all its undertakings have no marketplace to tell it when it is doing something good, something bad, or in this case something very confusing.


LIBERTY: Pot becomes top cash crop in US


All-time high for homegrown as pot becomes top cash crop in US
Dan Glaister in Los Angeles
Tuesday December 19, 2006
The Guardian

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Marijuana is now the biggest cash crop grown in the US, exceeding traditional harvests such as wheat, corn and soy beans, says a new report.

The study shows that 10,000 tonnes of marijuana worth $35.8bn (£18.4bn) is grown each year; the street value would be even higher. This dwarfs the $23bn-worth of corn grown, $17.6bn-worth of soybeans and $12.2bn-worth of hay. Marijuana is the biggest cash crop in 12 states, with the value of pot grown outstripping peanuts in Georgia and tobacco in North and South Carolina. In California, the biggest producer, it is worth $13.8bn.

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Only in America could we figure out how to make a weed the most important crop. What a joke! Yup, that “war” on drugs is really working.

Perhaps, if we really want the nation to be drug free, then we should direct Governments at all levels to try to require us to be drug addicts. In a decade, we’d be drug free. All thanks to, what I will call, “The Gooferment can’t do anything right” Law. Rule of thumb. Safe bet.

Can you answer the best question I ever heard from the boys over at Free Talk Live —- name a government program that works?

TECHNOLOGY: Bloggers Must Disclose Sponsored Posts



Dec 20, 7:54 PM EST
Bloggers Must Disclose Sponsored Posts
AP Internet Writer
Technology Video

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NEW YORK (AP) — A company that helps advertisers connect with bloggers willing to write about their products for payment will now require disclosures amid criticism and a regulatory threat.

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Oh thanks goodness, mommy government saved us from the big bad bloggers selling their souls and an unsuspecting public down the river.

Save me, save me, mommy government, from the big bad internet.

Yeah, like anyone should ever trust the net as the source of truth.

For the record, I haven’t found any one dumb enough to pay me for these rantings. And, when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Could it be that the FTC saw the criticism moderating the blogosphere’s behavior and they ran up to the front of the parade to lead it? Nah, that would assume that they could do anything during the holiday season.