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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snl Tv Funhouse Conspiracy Theory Rock Censored By Nbc Only Aired Once
2 min 26 sec – Oct 15, 2006
Description: priceless.

RANT: Amish children are going hungry

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Amish Refusal to Accept Food Stamps Makes Welfare Workers Look Bad
Ronald Bailey | December 27, 2006, 2:16pm

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This story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer is a couple of months old, but it’s a fascinating example of how government tries to insist on “helping” people who are not so evidently in need of its “help.” The Ohio Office of Family Stability is demanding that local welfare workers somehow get Amish people to sign up for food stamps. Why? Just because they are eligible on the basis of income. By refusing to sign up, the Amish are lowering the local food stamp participation rates which makes the agency look bad.

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Now here’s one we can laugh at! Amish children are going hungry according to these fascists. The people of Ohio are being robbed by the tax collectors to pay these fools who want to force the self-reliant Amish on to food stamps. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

LIBERTY: The RIGHT of self-defense

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Freedom to Report Real News
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Right to Arms, Self-Defense Debate a Universal Issue
By Joseph P. Tartaro, 12/26/2006 11:31:16 PM

Joseph P. Tartaro is the Executive Editor of Gun Week magazine.

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There is universality to the firearms and self-defense debate that surfaces in almost every country of the world. The debates over public policy in each country sound very similar to those we experience in the United States.

Perhaps that is because the issues are universal: people everywhere can debate the moral and social arguments for arming the good people against the threat of the evil ones who seem to be everywhere.

The British have pretty much outlawed not only guns but self-defense and crime has skyrocketed.

*** and ***

“Zahid Mahmood says this is the third time he has been robbed while delivering pizzas for Super Crown Pizza. The first time in 2004, he says he was pistol-whipped by the robber. The second time he says he was ambushed in June 2006.

“The 44-year-old Mahmood has a state license that allows him to carry a handgun. He says he has had the gun for years, but says Sunday night was the first time he had ever used his weapon.

“He says he was walking back to his car after dropping off a pizza at an apartment, when three young men approached him, demanded his money and car keys, and ordered him to walk away.

“Mahmood says he did what they told him, but he says that wasn’t enough. He says one of them followed him, and insisted he hand over his cell phone. He says that at that point, he thought his life was on the line.

“ ‘He was posing under his jacket like a gun,’ Mahmood said. ‘He showed me and said that he would shoot me if won’t give him my cell phone. I said, “Okay, hold on, I’ll give you my cell phone.” And I grabbed my gun and instead of my cell phone, I pulled my gun out, and then I shot—just to hurt him, that he could get away from there.’ ”

“Mahmood says he fired a total of three shots, one of which hit and killed 14-year-old Kenyatta Calhoun. The other two young men at the scene got away, according to police.

“Police have referred the case to the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, so prosecutors can decide whether or not to file any charges against Mahmood, who insists he acted in self-defense,” the news reports concluded.

What will happen to Mahmood in the future remains to be seen. But the fact that the he had been robbed and beaten in the past and his life was threatened by three street thugs is more important than the fact that one of the thugs who was 14 years old had his criminal career cut short. The media’s focus on the fact that he was 14 is just another way of coloring the universal debate.

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really really don’t understand the debate.

There is NOTHING that equalizes a fight like a gun. A physically stronger man confronting almost any woman can be stopped DEAD (either figuratively or literally) by a gun. A bunch of thugs threatening a single person can be similarly stopped. There’s no reason to tolerate the tyranny of the strong over the weak.

So why do we have this debate?

Politicians know why. It’s impossible to oppress an armed citizenry. Look at Switzerland. Look at the Warsaw Ghetto. Look at the veterans in Athens GA. You try to intimidate an armed populace and you could wind up dead.

It’s a racial issue. “Gun Control” laws arise out of the post civil war South, when the Klan was intimidating Blacks. While you can lynch an armed man, you can lose a few bigots in the process.

Even today, it’s a racial issue. Crime makes a bad neighborhood. So why do we deny the residents protection? They’re not getting it from the government. Let them protect themselves.

And, if you eliminate the drug laws, then even that “crime” will go away. You’d empty the prisons and stop the collateral damage of the “drug war”.

It a feminist issue; women have the right to be secure. So, don’t “handcuff” them with inadequate tools. I chuckle when I think of my now-deceased paternal grandmother describing her travel on the Oregon trail and asked “Granma did you kill any men?”, replied with a twinkle “No child, just varmits.” Tell her that she’d have to be afraid. I don’t think so. I think most women are more like her then even they imagine. I trust them to know when to shoot.

I never understood the joke that we call “police protection”. They are more like the sanitation department, cleaning up the mess long after the fact. Writing reports and taking statements. As a matter of fact, the Supreme Court says that the police have no obligation to protect anyone. So exactly who are the “protecting and serving”? Themselves. The Politicians. It’s an illusion. Your protection comes from your neighbors. Community standards of behavior, when violated, will get your neighbors to support you. Look at NOLA. When the good folks left, (some rich; some poor), all that was left was the victims and the thugs. Some of those criminals were uniformed.

In the end quote, we have a ne’er-do-well who was killed. The fact that he was 14 shouldn’t even enter the debate. Other than we should hold him, his parents, and his family accountable.

There is an illusion and a lesson here. The illusion is “TV Shoot Out”. Unlike what people see on the TV and in the movies, you can NOT shoot the bad guy and “just wing him”. You are trained that, when you shoot, you aim for the center of mass. And, you shoot until the threat is eliminated, or you’re empty. The lesson is “sheep dog”. When you have concealed carry, it’s hard for the criminals to tell the sheep from the sheep dogs. We need more sheep dogs and fewer sheep.

Self-defense, “gun control” aka victim disarmament, should NOT even be open for debate.

Every person, black or white, woman or man, has the RIGHT to defend themselves as they see fit.

And, if you fall afoul of any one of the numerous gubamint’s diktats (aka 20,000 gun laws), I hope I’m on your jury because you’ll walk. Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

JOBSEARCH: Gather fellow LinkedIn-ites in the Garden State

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Based on encouragement from the Chief Cheerleader, I created some more Yahoo “LinkedIn” groups — yes I can hear it now “not yet another
bunch of groups” — to address my pet peeve “near by ed ness”.


The way I see it, if you’re in NYC you can get to any place in Manhattan to klache, clique, or any other coffee-related activity to bond with your LinkedIn colleagues. Maybe some networking might even ensue. Other geographies can reasonable be thought to be local.

Not so in New Jersey, (properly pronounced Nu Jer Zeeeee)! It has some unique challenges. Which are of course unanswered by anything we currently have. It’s a long way from tip to toe in New Jersey. And, in the guts of North and Central Jersey, width is measured in traffic jams per mile. And, the bottom of the peanut, it’s a long way from Camden to AC.

So, in order to bond with my fellow LinkedIn-ites in the Garden State, I created some groups.

To collect anyone interested in LinkedIn activities in New Jersey. I’d envision this to be the focus point for spinning off ZIPCODE groups.

I kicked off the idea with a ZIPCODE group near my place of work 08054

and one near home 08824.

All three have unique logos! Yes, I tried to compensate for predictable names.

I invite all interested in klatching, cliquing, or otherwise meeting up / networking with me or others around your geography to join.

As is the new trend, you must “apply” and give your “linkedin url” to be admitted. Other than that it’s as exclusive as rainfall. Good manners are appreciated.

I welcome others to “steal” the idea. And, will be glad to walk you thru the concept and steps.

If you don’t like the idea, then it’s all Vincent’s fault. he made me do it. ;-)

F. John Reinke
Kendall Park, NJ 08824
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

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