TECHNOLOGY: Borgata Casino in AC NJ has computer problems

I guess I should try to get me resume in here. The “computers in the pits” have been down all day. And, everyone has frayed tempers. They can do the table accounting, order chips for the tables, rate players, give comps, or whatever else they do. :-) Guess they skipped reliability in their specs. Entertaining! I think they run windoze.

RANT: Clean needles are a poor solution for the “drug war”!

Never let is be said that mommy government does care about you. Guv Corzine now has regally allowed for needle exchange. Sheesh! How about getting out of the drug war business completely. Let the marketplace give “addicts” and patients access to what ever they need when they need it. The marketplace will make it very inexpensive. Perhaps they could even hold down a job while supporting their habit, regardless if it is nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs. Get the government out of our medicine chest!

TECHNOLOGY: The fellows over at Free Talk Live have a problem …

… the fellow that made up their monthly torrent of their shows went MIA. They’ve asked me to help.

One problem: I don’t know squat about torrents.

By muddling around I made one torrent for demo purposes.

If you use torrents, please click on the link and let me know if you can get my torrent and play it.

Then, I’ll be a torrent guru having made one!!

Try this a see if you can get their show.