LIBERTY: It is the duty of every citizen to break the leader’s rules

The Peasant Who Stood Up to Hitler
by Justine Nicholas


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When a leader allows himself to break the rules of humanity, it is the duty of every citizen to break the leader’s rules.

So wrote Franz Jagerstatter.

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Never heard this story. If true, it’s powerful heady stuff. It adds a new silver bullet to my arsenal … the “Jagerstatter Principle”.

RANT: The needless suffering at Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Survivors Meet for Last Time
Dec 7, 7:58 AM (ET)

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PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (AP) – With their number quickly dwindling, survivors of Pearl Harbor will gather Thursday one last time to honor those killed by the Japanese 65 years ago, and to mark a day that lives in infamy.

This will be their last visit to this watery grave to share stories, exchange smiles, find peace and salute their fallen friends. This, they say, will be their final farewell.

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If one reads Robert Stinnett’s book on Pearl Harbor, “Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor”, you’ll come away with a real understanding of what caused all this dead, destruction, and suffering. It truly was a “day of Infamy”, but not as we thought it. As a cryptographer, I was stunned reading this. Further the fact that the truth was concealed for 60 years really lends credence to the quip “How do you know when a politician is lying? When his lips are moving.” There has to be, I hope, a special circle in hell for those politicians. Not that “ours” are any better. This should be required reading for voters and anyone considering entering the military.

RANT: I hate software

I wanted to listen to some music. Musicmatch Jukebox said it had to do an upgrade. Now it says it has to do a reboot. That’s not convenient. So why didn’t it say that BEFORE it asked to do the upgrade. I’d have said no and been able to use the software I paid for!! At least when the stuff is free you can’t ripe too much. But the free stuff is better behaved than the “professional crud”. Arghhhh!

INTERESTING: Women are encouraged towards divorce because the system profits when their families implode.

The Deadbeat Dad Myth
December 6th, 2006

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In the end, it’s all about money. Over two thirds of the divorces are initiated by women who were promised that they can have it all: The kids, the house, and a nice paycheck every week to ease the agony of their oftentimes flippant decision to destroy their families. What they don’t know is the only reason they are so often encouraged down this path has nothing to do with what’s ‘best for her family.’ The family concept could be repaired if more people were willing to work on it instead of cutting and running the second things got a little rough. Divorce, on the other hand, is a business that is keeping thousands of people in a new Lexus every year.

Let me say that again in case anyone missed it: Women are encouraged towards divorce because the system profits when their families implode.

Your divorce keeps the judges, the lawyers, the file clerks and the security guards all in jobs. Court appointed therapists and counselors benefit financially when you’re forced into programs with little substance designed to make you feel better about being in a broken home. The main benefactor is the child support agency who takes a 2% cut out of every child support check for as long as the child is in the system.

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Now that’s an interesting assertion. I think it’s interesting that the State doesn’t “insure” the judgment. I know for a fact that in New Jersey, that you may have a judgment, but if the State collects zero, you get zero. No skin off their nose. No stats on how they help or hurt the process. Now you can be sure if it was their money from taxes, they’d move heaven and earth to get it. If they were concerned about the children, they’d cut the family a check and assume the role of guarantor. So I tend to suspect that this fellow has it pegged — fees, employment, and contracts are probably the prime mover.