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It’s essential, but slow.

This is a great source and overview

Also, run the 40 minute virtual rolodex / LinkedIn presentation

It is very recruiter centric but the seeker needs to know what the hunter is doing so that you can be “sought”.

INTERESTING: Why do we check back on old contacts?


Yes, it’s important to keep in touch. Well, the reason is probably closure. I’m active in my high school and college alumni hobby. There comes a time later in life where we regret all the choices. Some people want to say FU to some people. Others want to say ThankYou, MissYou, or GoodbyeYou. It’s hard to understand. Probably some sort of biological clock wanting to tie up loose ends. You want to compare what you’ve done with others. If for no other reason than to say “I done good”, “gooder”, or “worse”.

LIBERTY: The bill for Iraq is understated AND hidden!


Inflation and War Finance
by Ron Paul

***Begin Quote***

If every American taxpayer had to submit an extra five or ten thousand dollars to the IRS this April to pay for the war, I’m quite certain it would end very quickly. The problem is that government finances war by borrowing and printing money, rather than presenting a bill directly in the form of higher taxes. When the costs are obscured, the question of whether any war is worth it becomes distorted.

***End Quote***

Eventually the chickens will come home to roost.

It will be a sad day when the bill comes. It will come in several forms — rampant inflation, economic depression, disgruntled vets, the wounded, world outrage, and the hidden costs.

We can see and predict the “visible costs”, but what about Bassat’s hidden ones. What were the dead supposed to do? What about the generations they would have spawned? What about the heartache of all those left behind?

Man that is one ugly chicken coming home to poop!

WRITING: New title

“The Angst … of the unknown path”

in the din of the crowd, one only has to look to see the lonelyness, the emptiness, the mindlessness of the individuals in the crowd. They need the crowd, the din, the purposelessness activity to hide the truth from themselves. As if the quiet world would scream so loud that it would frighten them.

JOBSEARCH: Monetizing “help”

It is interesting the “participation web”. First found on Amazon, they harnessed their users into an unpaid workforce. So, of all the things I do for free, should I monetize some or all of them. Turn it from a “labor of love” into some “retirement money” for my old age? Recruiters are doing this on the social networking sites. Why can’t we all?

TECHNOLOGY: It might be a great offer, but you’ll be on your own

PaperPort Professional 11 Special Upgrade Offer

***Begin Quote***

Visioneer is happy to announce the newest scanner to the extraordinarily popular Strobe line – the RoadWarrior. As a Nuance customer, you are eligible to receive a substantial discount on the RoadWarrior before it even hits the stores. Purchase your new RoadWarrior today for only $169.99 – a $30 discount – just for being a Nuance customer. Simply enter the promotional code below in the checkout process and you will automatically receive your discount plus free ground shipping! But hurry, this exclusive offer expires on February 2, 2007. Click here to order yours today.

***End Quote***

As a Nuance screwee, I would NOT buy anything from these folks based on what they say to quote Judge Judy “if your tongue came notarized”.

These are the people who screwed me on “IBM” Via Voice. To which, I blame both IBM (their name was on the box) and Nuance.

Visioneer ain’t on my hit parade either. I got screwed when their Strobe was not being supported or drivers created for various windoze releases. All “silent” of course. I found out after I bought or tried to upgrade. A plague on their houses. Also, I have had lost of “unsupport” from them with their Paperport line in the past.

So here we have the hit parade, this one announcement hit every one on my don’t buy list:

IBM — Misleading me in who would support the product.
Nuance — making me pay for nonsupport
Strobe — nonsupport and selling gear with no drivers
Visioneer — nonsupport of current versions in the past

If you deal with any of these four, be warned. Don’t come whining to me that you got screwed. Learn from my screwing!

RANT: Torture is immoral, inefficient, and ineffective . And Un-American!

– BEGIN QUOTE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Thank you for participating in’s letter-writing campaign today. For your convenience, this e-mail contains a copy of the letter we sent on your behalf, along with the status of each letter we sent.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about this campaign!

Truth must count. Innocence must matter.

Please take immediate action to repeal S. 3930, the detainee, torture, tribunal law. It’s un-American.

– END QUOTE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This law is un-American. We have always stood for the rights of the individual to a fair proceeding. Aside for the “small” fact that torture is immoral, it is also inefficient. When under duress, people will tell you what they think you want to hear. It’s ineffective because after torture, if the person was NOT your sworn enemy before it, they certainly will be afterwards. Stop it now.

INTERESTING: Corporate email aliases

A colleague at work got married and changed her name. But, then her email started bouncing. I would have thought that they have given her an alias to prevent disruption to her Customers.

Ahh, what do I know?

I would think that alias would be commonplace.

I’m always suggesting that they give you an alias based on your phone number so that in a conference call people don’t have to waste time spelling out long hard names.

But, then what do I know?

WRITING: Hospital Patience for Dummies

  • get a card from every doc
  • take pics
  • keep a record book
  • card page collector
  • audio record if too sick to write
  • ask about exactly what every med is
  • who rxed it?
  • talk to dietician
  • gripe about tv and phone rip offs
  • roomie rules
  • myob
  • books and tapes
  • spanish
  • learn asl for “private” conversations


How hospitals can be better:

  • blood taking
  • test sequences
  • if i’m sleeping don’t wake me for routine tests
  • if you’re understaffed or over crowded, don’t take it out on me
  • why xray and radiology separate billers

RANT: If the FCC has any value, it should be here

$31,000 cell phone bill stuns Sarasota retiree

*** begin quote ***

SARASOTA — Oliver DeSofi’s normal cell phone bill is about $150 on a family plan, and he used about 183 minutes on his phone in October.

But when the 77-year-old retiree opened his Cingular Wireless bill in November, he saw $21,420 in roaming charges for more than 4,500 calls from Nicaragua — where he’s never been — to numbers he’s never called.

*** end quote ***

What a croc. To put this fellow thru billing hell! This is by no means an isolated case.

INTERESTING: The recent Yahoo email delay

It was weird. I saw some groups with delays of days and some with none at all. So it wasn’t uniform. That’s what threw a curve at me. The unevenness for the failure. Interesting from a thinking perspective because I ASSUMED that the delay would be linear. Why I did that beats me? Guess I didn’t stop and think about it. Just breezed along in my assumption mobile. Fat, dumb, and happy. ;-)

LIBERTY: Criminals who will be convicted in the future make easy rules for their idols


Past crooks keep pensions if guilty of corruption
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 01/28/07

***Begin Quote***

Elected officials and public workers convicted of corruption would lose pensions and face mandatory jail time under a bill the Senate passed. But hold your cheers.

All crooks are grandfathered in, so if they did the deed before the bill is signed into law, it doesn’t apply. And if they hold six public jobs and their conviction is on job No. 3, they can keep the pensions from the other five. That’s reform, New Jersey style.

***End Quote***

This should even be something that needs corrective legislation. As part of ANY plea agreement concerning political corruption or malfeasance, there should be a mandatory prison term, mandatory forfeiture of ALL pension benefits, and a substantial fine (Say 10 times the annual salary). Or they can go to trial and get stung the same!

JOBSEARCH: I’m not so sure that we need “laws”.


Saturday, January 27, 2007
The Price of Leadership

***Begin Quote***

So why did reading Mr. Clark’s letter give me such pause? Because it sounded to me like the words from a very decent man who had reached the point where he felt he had to give up. That the law written to manage the few had made Board participation so painful, unrewarding, and frustrating that it just wasn’t worth it any more. Life is too short.

***End Quote***

Libertarian at 08824 said…

I’m not so sure that we need “laws”. (Or what the gang in washington produces, that some people call “laws” and “regulations”! Not to go off on a tangent but imho a law is something like gravity. Try a break it. Everything else is a watered down wanna be.)

Let’s examine the problem that they are claiming to solve. Enron, and its ilk.

You and I both know that it is hard to get a job with enron on your resume. Do you think that the mucky mucks are going to work again in a position of trust? Nah.

I see the financial market as having solved that problem real quick.

We will always have con men with us. The market metes our a fast harsh discipline. And, the “laws” are powerless to do anything to prevent it.

And, if the government’s role is to protect us from aggression from without and within, (a job it does poorly), then throw thieves in the clink and let the rest of us fend for ourselves. We are anyway.

Did any one get restitution from enron? Nah. But the politicians made lots of speeches and did lot’s of posturing.

Every time the government “helps” us, we have unintended consequences.

Look at NOLA, WalMart’s trucks were turned away and FEMA handed out phone numbers. Argh! Why are we so stupid to believe in the tooth fairy, honest politicians, or government “help”?

We’d be better off left to the marketplace. At least your cited subject could still be in “his” business.

January 28, 2007 9:03 AM

FUN: “OLD-er” friends make a fuss about my birthday

Completely unnecessary. But, I was noblisse oblige. At least I didn’t have to wear a funny hat. And got two useful presents. (This year everyone out did themselves with “good” stuff. High on the nerd o meter)

They also made good on a prize we won when last we were out with them. A painting of the shore house. While not as good as painting the shore house, it was neat. Frau was tickled with it. That’s always great fmpov.

It’s always nice to see the talented people do something they are good at. I think that there are only a few times in our lives when we get to perform at that level. Sadly, some people like me have no talent. Ask me to draw the same thing and you’ll get a stick drawing that has little resemblance to anything. Most first graders could do better. So it was a gem and most impressive.

I am always concerned when Frau pushes with the upcoming medical mystery theater redeux. But she slept in the car, so she seemed in fine form. Getting out is good for her. She laughed a lot and I think that’s the best medicine. The test and latest “fix” will come soon enough.

We went to the Prepster64 restaurant Marios on Arthur Avenue and it was good. I hate picking restaurants when others are involved. My favorites are never their favorites. Regardless of who the “they” are. And, there’s a chance that they will be disappointed in some way. I then feel that’s my fault because I chose it. But last night worked well.

The restaurant served a carrot dish with the bread that was great. Like a slightly blanched carrots with garlic and stuff with an italian dressing. I ate lot of that. Have to find a recipe for Frau.

Got home quickly without trouble. All in all a fun night.

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FUN: Saw the 5 — all 5 — in mix5 last night

Kids were full of the “old harry”. very entertaining.

mix1 (nil) quitting smoking (again) hope she makes it.

mix2 whatta dad. if’n i’d been one, i hope i could have his patience

mix3 didcha know 10,035 is a lotta money (?where did that number come from?)

mix4 beginning to speak up (that’s not dora!!)

mix5 doesn’t say much but knew i was the food dispenser or the diaper changer and hence asked for another server.

Noise tumult and chinese food. life’s complete.

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PRODUCTIVITY: Yahoo Groups are experiencing mail delays

*** begin quote ***

Yahoo! Groups Mail Delivery Issues, January 25

Due to a database-related issue earlier today, we are experiencing a Groups email backlog. Delivery of messages posted between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Pacific time) today, January 25, may be delayed several hours.

Messages posted now are being processed through our backup mail servers, so they will be delivered immediately. While our primary servers catch up, Groups users may see messages that were posted earlier today delivered out of order.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and your group members.

The Yahoo! Groups Team

*** end quote ***

At least they communicate.

PRODUCTIVITY: How do you manage your contacts and data?

I’m frustrated with the lack of the “killer application” comprehensive Contact Management.

Plaxo has a fragment of it (The great external pariticpation). LinkedIn has a fragment of it (The Bio and Connection). Corex Cardscan has a fragment of it (The rolodex metaphor). Outlook has a fragment of it (Speaks to Plaxo and Corex). Act has a fragment of it (the Sales Funnel). But no one has “it” (i.e., Like, in Lord of the Rings, One Ring to control them all).

I’ve even thought about writing my own app using MySQL. But, that’s a daunting task. Several have tried in Fat Client or Web-based, but they didn’t capture “it”. So I wonder if “it” is capture-able.

So does anyone else share my frustration? Sometimes I think I’d be better off with paper and pencil!


WRITING: BLOG2BOOK lessons learned

While I’m waiting for “output”, (that dumb robot movie comes to mind about needing “input”), I am think about what next. The blog book was probably not too valuable other than an ego or learning experience. So what do I follow it up with. Here’s some possible next steps (in no particular order):

Fiction: Militia Valley
NonFiction: Wizdom
Fiction: Brakein (Home Invasion — Working title)
NonFiction: Principles of Information Security Architecture
NonFiction: Principles of Information Technology Architecture
NonFiction: If I’m So Smart, why ain’t I rich? (Working title)
NonFiction: Ending Gubamint Education (Working title)
Fiction: Sitting Wolf
Fiction: Unwinding FRBie (Working title)
NonFiction: A Lifetime of Jasper Rants
NonFiction: things I found inspiring
NonFiction: The power of Negative Thinking
NonFiction: Find Your Next Job Like The Big Turkey You Are
NonFiction: Home Computer Techniques
Fiction: What I did in Church on Sunday
NonFiction: 2DO, or not to do?

Your feedback is welcome.