WINXP: Lugable takes a holiday

Thursday night, actually Friday wee hours, I couldn’t sleep; so I pounded out several reams of my best prose. It tired me out so I went back to bed. All happy and ready to sleep.

Friday 6AM, I close the lid and go to work. Like I’ve done for what feels like eons. I open up at work and screens black. No power. SO I power up and pouf the data fairy has taken that stuff and sent it to the bit bucket.

I wriggled on that hook for the day. Off and on. It was gone.

Mozy has been spinning cycles but it’s crap.

So I’m screwed … again. BY microsoft’s ‘productivity’ software.

If I ever buy another microdots product, kick me.

# # # # #

LUGGABLE: VWBBIE is giving me more trouble

Again, trying to use Verizon Wireless Broad Band VWBBIE is balky at best today.

For those who saw my problems last week when it was rainy and foggy, today is clear and cloudless.

So, I think this may be the end for VWBBIE! No sense spending good money for a productivity tool and have it hinder productivity.

# # # # #

LUGGABLE: VWBBIE is a challenge

Never hurts to try your “disaster”.

Out on the road, and I am dependent upon VWBBIE for inet connectivity.

(Now bear in mind, I try it EVERY Wednesday. Wireless Wednesday! From either work or home. And it works flawlessly.)

Bear also in mind that the last time I was on the road in Denver, it took at least an hour to get it configured and working.

So between yesterday and today, I’ve spent at least two hours getting it working.


This is why I debate signing up for another two years with Verizon for this POS!

It’s faster than dial up. Doesn’t work as flawlessly. And “disconnects” frequently. Argh.

Maybe if I had just a road machine?

# # # # #

LUGGABLE: Power block omission

I went on vacation and left the power block at home. Argh! I’ll be filling in the details next week. But, DELL screwed me. Long story. Like a fish with a hook in the gill, I wriggled, wrangled, and tried all sorts of ideas. Bottom line: I’ve been off the air since Saturday and will continue to be off the air until Sunday after noon. Long story. So if you are looking for me, or emailed me, I’ll catch up with you asap.

# # # # #

XPfails – luggable – Recovery?

Well, dodged a bullet today. (Maybe?)

The registry was reported corrupt and the pig won’t boot. Repair didn’t.


I had tried the rescue disk that came with the platform from Dell. It didn’t do anything good for me.

So I dusted off one of my XP installation disks and ran “repair” using that. It threw the box up into checkdisk, which ran. Didn’t report any errors. May or may not have fixed anything. But it did then allow the box to boot into WXP. (Yeah!)

On the theory that this might be my last chance to visit with my data. I pulled out my WDDRIVE with WDSYNC on it and took a back up. (I usually do my weekly backups on Monday!)

Now, I fearlessly did a cold restart.

That worked but it wasn’t not connecting to the home lan. I tried using WXP, the Intel ProSet Wireless utility, and the VWBBIE (Verizon Wireless Broadband utility also manages the WiFi). Nothing worked.

Argh! Squared!

So I power cycled everything in sight. Ran the Intel Wireless debugger.

Couldn’t think of anything else to do, so on a hunch, I changed the WiFi SSID. Shouldn’t have made any difference. Changed the password as well. (Big deal. Any script kiddie can bust this “security”!)

Disabled PGP. Disabled ZoneAlarm.

Power cycle everything.

Argh! Tripled!

Verified that the BackRoom DELLDESK could connect thru the wifi router to the net. Verified that the OLDDELL notebook could get to the net via the wireless.

So it made me focus on the LUGGABLE as the problem.

Deleted all the Intel configurations. Went to the DELLDESK, changed the SSID and password again. Rebooted the router. Power cycled everything in sight again. And then readded the Intel configurations.

And, voila, the pig put on its roller skates and took off!

So, that wasted a Sunday. Sigh.

XPfails – luggable – Lost DNS; shift to VWBBIE

Apparently have lost DNS, shifted to VWBBIE, called “home”.

Time to think about OPENDNS again. Put it on the 2do.

VWBBIE feels downright “spritely”

Download Speed: 495 kbps (61.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 33 kbps (4.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

And, I even “see” that the venturi caching server is offline. Interesting.

XPfails – luggable – BLOGDESK loses the ability to talk to the target

Interesting. Every once and while, BLOGDESK loses its mind. It fails to complete a conversation with the target blog it is storing into. I don’t know who to blame (i.e., the Blog site, XP, or BlogDesk). But only a reboot will clear. After a restart, everything works fine. Now that I have gotten in the habit of SAVE then PUBLISH, it’s NBD (no big deal).

XPfails – luggable – GADWIN PRINT SCREEN v3.5 – This is now the second most annoying problem


For some reason, after several months of use, now when I start GPS35, it doesn’t appear to “do” anything. It doesn’t splash. It takes memory. (I can see it in XP’s process list.) But, it just doesn’t do anything anymore. I’ve uniunstalled and reinstalled. Help?

Haven’t found any help. Need to dig deeper and harder.

XPfails – luggable – PLAXO acting differently

I was transferring my LinkedIn contact to my Outlook address book and Plaxo stopped check to to see if they were in Plaxo. Strange?

Update at 0930: plaxo has returned to operating as expected. Perhaps, their site was “down”. If not site, service? And, there’s no idication in the LookOut client that an add in is dead? Interesting that perhaps is the reason for all the non-responding stuff. 

XPfails – luggable – GADWIN PRINT SCREEN v3.5 – It has to be XP!

For some reason, after several months of use, now when I start GPS35, it doesn’t appear to “do” anything. It doesn’t splash. It takes memory. (I can see it in XP’s process list.) But, it just doesn’t do anything anymore. I’ve uniunstalled and reinstalled. Help?

XPfails – luggable – BLOGDESK failed or xp?

Today, I was using blogdesk. I composed a post and sent it to wordpress. BLOGDESK just sat there. I assume trying to connect. Breaking the cycle put the whole box into a stoppage. Reboot. A long cycle because it was applying maintenance. Argh! So, what was the failure? All I know is that BLOGDESK lost my post. Not that is was so valuable. More so that I forgot to save a draft before it published. It should do that. Everything appears to be working now?

XPfails – luggable – Microsoft WORD kludges my doc

I was doing the alumni ezine. As I was finishing the index, poof! WORD decided I needed a new page placed along side the first page. In effect, it folded my doc as if it was a two column newspaper.

I fired up Open Office and could see some of the problems.

I wriggled around like a dead fish.

Finally I had the idea of saving it as an RTF. That didn’t clear the problem but it put me on the track of a solution.

I saved it as WORD60 format. Then, when I reopened it I could delete the break.


Very very ugly.