LUGGABLE: Power block omission

I went on vacation and left the power block at home. Argh! I’ll be filling in the details next week. But, DELL screwed me. Long story. Like a fish with a hook in the gill, I wriggled, wrangled, and tried all sorts of ideas. Bottom line: I’ve been off the air since Saturday and will continue to be off the air until Sunday after noon. Long story. So if you are looking for me, or emailed me, I’ll catch up with you asap.

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4 Responses to LUGGABLE: Power block omission

  1. reinkefj says:

    I’ve recorded your vote. (With which I agree!)

    No, Mom had all the fun! There was none left for the rest of us three. :-)

    She made Dad’s two sets of trips that day. And, my prior exploit at LIR (i.e., catching a three card straight flush for $200, trips, and a bunch of other junk). Look like amateur night at the firehouse.!!!

    (Seriously, it was neat to see her so excited. And over cards at that! She usually reserves that kind of joy for her grandchildren.)

    It was great. And, Ev really enjoyed herself.


  2. Jason says:

    Hey Uncle J-

    I would vote for Extremely Really Suck if this were a poll…

    Hope you had fun on Vacation, at least it sounded like you guys were having a good time from the phone conversations with your luddite friend.


  3. reinkefj says:

    I now have an Aegean stable to clean up now. Beside you need a head start in the fantasy football. Can’t say hi to Mom and Dad, they’re home already. Auntie Ev says “give everyone hugs for her”. I’m way behind in all my departments now.

  4. Jason says:

    Come on Uncle John, you are in Vegas, like you need to be online. Ha Ha.. Say hi to Ev, Mom and Dad for me.

    Love you guys.


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