I love the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom, but I found a small flaw.

In building a site on GOOGLEPAGES, it just so happened that the page urls all routinely end in a period. However, when I put that url into the free, and unequaled, wordpressdotcom, it barfs building that link with the last period. Interesting. For the time being, my workaround is to use TUNYURL.

But I have to wait for Monday to report it to wordpress hq. They turn off the problem reporting mechanism to prevent Monday morning overload. I’m blogging it here because I always forget by Monday.

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TECH SOFTWARE: MICROSOFT is a steal all right!

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I just noticed in the latest Microsoft Press Pass that they are starting a campaign today called “The Ultimate Steal”. The deal is only for students, but the savings are substantial. For less than $60, you get Office Ultimate 2007. As with all deals, there are a few conditions.

Wed, 12 Sep 2007 13:10:28 -0700

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Why buy Microsoft when you can get open source stuff for free?

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JOBSEARCH: Old seekers have to see the opptys!

Katie Couric vs. Age Spots
Gary North

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Why CBS rolled the loaded demographic dice is a mystery to me. CBS Evening News was in third place under Rather, third place under Shieffer, and remains in third place today. But Ms. Couric’s network rivals will age as men age. Ms. Couric will not.

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Remembering my quote about FOWG’s in job search —

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“Time has not stood still. Age is not respected. Experience is not valued. And, Education is not revered.”

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I think it’s obvious why CBS tried something different. If you’re stuck in third, in a three man race, it’s time to throw a “Hail Mary”. In this case, a “Hail Katie”. As is usual with the liberal media, they just don’t understand what business they are in.

They are in the “eyeballs watching ads” business.

The TV and Newspapers are shrinking; the inet is growing.

IMHO the “Hail Mary” strategy would be to embrace the change, be the change, grok the change.

Spending a lot of money on Ms. Katie could have been the watershed event of a new strategy. Integration with the web.

Here’s one idea. They probably have more stories on the hook then they can do. Have the inet audience choose the stories that they want to hear and see. Let assume that in a 30 minute show, they have 25 minutes of air time. Each story is 2 minutes. So they have 12 story slots. I’d guess they must have 50 stories in queue. Let the inet audience, pick the stories that get to air. Digg style. Involve the audience. Allow all stories to be on Youtube later in the evening. Of course, I’d put a sponsor on each one.

It’s about thinking innovatively.

If Ms. Couric had brought that type of thinking to CBS, then she’d have been worth her negligible weight in gold.

Jobseekers can’t become focused on problems or flaws. They have to see the opportunity!

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RANT: It’s just another disgrace on the reputation of Nu Jerzee

Obscene fans at Rutgers draw a penalty flag
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Mark Di Ionno

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Now that Rutgers is big-time, the old-time academic- and adult-minded fans are being elbowed aside by gangs of frat boys thrusting their fists and faces into the rolling ESPN cameras. What was it your old football coach used to say? Act like you’ve been there before. Not in the RU student section.

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It’s a shame.

They have embarrassed everyone.

And, what makes it worse, my taxes pay for it. All of it!

That’s the difference between the gooferment and the marketplace. Who chooses?

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