One of the charities associated with my alma mater has annual golf tourney for scholarships. I have no affiliation with it. BUT, it might be nice to allow the folks that run it to set up an “identity” for that charity? Is such possible? Considering that you allow fakey politicians, why not a fakey charity?

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RANT: Congress is Destroying America’s Schools

Congress is Destroying America’s Schools
By Alan Caruba (09/03/07)

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If you want to witness the most blatantly un-Constitutional and un-American laws at work than just take a walk through your local schools. They are currently under the control of the federal government.

Why any town or city bothers to hold an election for members of the local board of education is a mystery to me. Between the U.S. Department of Education and a union, the National Education Association—masquerading as just a group of concerned teachers—local boards have no real power to reverse the subjugation and destruction of the nation’s education system.

Since the Constitution does not even mention education, it is a continuing mystery why the federal government has a department devoted to it. Well, it’s less of a mystery if you consider that its purpose is to indoctrinate the children passing through it to accept a whole range of values and ideas that lots of Americans think are wrong.

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Gooferment skoolz making illiterate cannon fodder that can flip burgers too!

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MONEY: regulators issued special guidance

Fed Urges Loan Holders to Avoid Defaults
Sep 4 01:14 PM US/Eastern
AP Economics Writer

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WASHINGTON (AP) – The Federal Reserve and other banking regulators issued special guidance Tuesday urging loan service companies to work with borrowers in danger of defaulting on their home mortgages.

The new guidelines are not mandatory, but the regulators expressed the hope that companies that collect payments on mortgages would heed the advice.

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And what happens if they don’t want to take advice from these unelected minions of the rich and powerful?

Taxpayer pays?

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LIBERTY: all now concede he didn’t commit

September 03, 2007
Do the wrongfully imprisoned get compensation?
Posted by Stephen Carson at September 3, 2007 10:44 PM

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Dedge served 22 years of a life sentence for a rape all now concede he didn’t commit.


Prosecutors continued to oppose Dedge’s motions on sundry procedural grounds for three years, and, according to the Innocence Project site, went so far as to admit in court that they would oppose Dedge’s release “even if they knew that he was absolutely innocent.” Nice group of people.

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Ahh, the gooferment at its best!

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VISTA: Sounds like it has a time out

Frau was playing a game and listening to a CD. (The only two applications I’ve qualified her for. ROFL!) She say that everything went dark. Tech Support (me) was closed for the night! So she just gave up. I asked her if she did anything. (Press the any key? Waste of time to ask users anything. They forget, They lie, They misreport.) Scheduling an on-site visit by tech support (Me!) tonight. Argh! Have to explain that “personal” part in “personal computing”. :-) Technically, it sounds like a keyboard timeout to save the monitor?

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