POLITICAL: What options did we preclude


What the Warfare State Really Costs
by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

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Once again we are faced with opportunity costs. “The full costs of mortgaging the nation’s high technology policy to the Pentagon can be measured only by the lost opportunities to have done things differently,” writes Stuart Leslie. “No one now can go back to the beginning of the Cold War and follow those paths not taken. No one can assert with any confidence exactly where a science and technology driven by other assumptions and priorities would have taken us.”

If we are to come up with some idea of the impoverishing effects of the military establishment, it must include, at the very least, the factors we have described here. These additional costs of the warfare state help us to realize that it isn’t just war, but also the preparation for war, that is, in the words of Gen. Smedley Butler, a racket.

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So once again, we learn from Basat. What options were crowded out by the choice we made? In the Trillions of dollars spent wastefully on the Military Industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about, we can only imagine what could have been. Sigh! From Woods article, we can’t even begin to guess the miracles that could have been. Like abortion, it cuts off whole lineages of people and ideas.

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GLOBAL: Islam’s veil is symptom of their problem


Head of Reform Judaism says wearing veil should be respected
Posted: September 11, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern
Dennis Prager

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Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of fundamentalist Muslim culture – whether in the Muslim world or in the West – knows that, given the social, religious and familial pressures on women to wear a veil, the veil is not worn voluntarily in any meaningful sense of the word.

But while the rabbi respects Muslim women who choose to wear the veil, he had words of contempt for American women who choose to dress like Lindsay Lohan. Like others on the left, Rabbi Yoffie only has standards for Westerners, especially Americans, not for other cultures. It is the left’s soft bigotry of low expectations that has often been noted.

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Well in my world view, everyone can do what they want to the extent that it doesn’t infringe on their neighbor’s rights.

If that section of the globe wants to disempower half of their population, then that’s their problem. Not mine.

I agree that the “liberal left” in the USA gives people a pass instead of expecting high performance.

As far as women “volunteering” to hide behind a veil, that’s fine. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for. It’s been that way since the dawn of time.

In the USA, we have to respect religion as a right enshrined in the Constitution. The gooferment has to tread lightly. We, as people, don’t. If you’re out in wackyland, I can call you on it. Just as you can, me.

I want everyone in the USA to be all that they can be.

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