MONEY: Loyalty cards don’t matter … unless they do !?!

Lesson Learned: Loyalty cards don’t matter … unless they do.

Sound strange.

Follow along. Remember YMMV!

Loyalty cards are those stupid card that the casinos want you to use so they can build a profile on you. I always sign up for them. I figure what do I have to lose. (Just my privacy. But I’m so out there, there no such think anyway!)

Silverton Casino on Blue Ridge Road in LV. Played for a week off and on a various visits. (They have the most beautiful aquarium and are physically connected to the Bass Shop. Kool! And, neet!) Check for the result of my play that week … … tada … $3.36! (Are you joshing me?)

Boulder Station Casino out on Boulder Highway. Hadn’t played yet. But when we went to the buffet, the cards got us 4$/head off!!

So, from this, I come to the conclusion: get them, expect little, and, you will always be pleasantly surprised.

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LINKEDIN: How ungrateful can you be? LinkedIn sucks.

Vincent Wright has received a “trademark infringement” letter from LinkedIn.

Now that is hubris on the part of LinkedIn.

Vincent is the “godfather” of a ton of groups LinkedIn_XXXXX (i.e., power users, bloggers, moderators, plaxo, vets). And, has single handly been LinkedIn’s cheerleader.

This is not the first time that LinkedIn has bitten it’s users with its psycho change in policy. When they were first pandering for users, they wanted you to spread the word and link to everyone you knew. Then after a year or eighteen months, they wanted “exclusivity” so they, with zero notice, imposed the “five i don’t knows and you’re suspended” policy. Vincent single handedly calmed a revolt.

When they blew their service about groups, Vincent was a calming influence.

Eventually Vincent decided to deploy his considerable energy to more worthwhile pursuits. And, I don’t blame him.

Now, LinkedIn is worried about its trademark? They get my “that sucks” award. Trademark that!

(I’m waiting for my trademark letter as well for LinkedInJaspers.)

Guess they don’t think they need that buzz from all those local groups like LinkedIn_State, like my LinkedIn_NewJersey. Makes those folks, who decided to compete by going to LinkTo_NewYork, look like geniuses.

Well, if I was the VCs buying LinkedIn, I’d look at this tired old whore’s teeth. I’ll be deemphasizing LinkedIn.

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NEWJERSEY: This “incest” between the Guv and Karla has more facets than the Hope Diamond

Corzine/Katz E-Mail Saga Gets Even Muddier
Wednesday, September 19, 2007 – Millennium Radio

*** begin quote ***

The legal battle over whether Governor Jon Corzine should make public e-mails he exchanged with state employee union president and ex-girlfriend Carla Katz during recent state worker contract negotiations continues to get more bizarre by the day. An intra-union battle is now brewing as Katz’s fellow Local presidents offer conflicting stories of what did or did not happen with the bargaining committee.

*** end quote ***

Looks like the Union Members are wising up to the screwing that they took in this whole thing. The taxpayers and the union members were screwed by the Gut and Karla. We don’t understand exactly where the bodies are buried, but it stinks.

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MONEY: Tips are assumed to be $28 per hour

The new IRS tip compliance program really sticks it to Nevada’s gaming workers
George Harris is publisher of Liberty Watch: The Magazine. He is also a political activist and successful Southern Nevadan businessman.

*** begin quote ***

IRS. No three letters spark disdain with the American public more than those. If it weren’t for the creative withholding tax — the bi-weekly theft that enables a majority of American employees to finance their annual IRS bill (for earning a living) — the “revenue service” would not exist due to public outrage. Too many people just could not fathom (or afford) to write a single check on April 15 for the lump sum that the agency collects each year. Having a compassionate heart, the IRS is aware of the trouble this may cause some families. So they assist us with the “service” of a withholding tax. Rather than think of it as bi-weekly theft, we should look at it as a savings plan to pay income taxes.

*** and ***

These consequences may sound frightening, but remember the IRS has heart. Even they know that tip levels can’t always be as good as $28 an hour. That’s why if business levels dramatically change like they did after 9/11, approved rates for each tip compliance position may be modified by the IRS due to a significant drop in revenues.

*** end quote ***

How stupid are the sheeple here?


There’s a reason that election day is six months after tax day. There is a reason for the “withholding” service the gooferment gives you. There is a reason that they stick it to the people and let the powerful slide.

Working in the underground economy could become very popular soon.

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