RANT:Tennis ball as secret storage


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8. Secret storage – Looking for a place to stash that million dollar microchip while you’re at the gym? Slit a tennis ball and stick it inside! Works for anything that’s valuable (or not) and small enough to stick inside a tennis ball via a tiny slit.

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Interesting for putting your BOB kit in?

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INTERESTING: Donate the gift of life


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Katie McGuire of the American Red Cross said the growing list of restrictions has created extra challenges in recruiting volunteers. This summer, the organization raffled American Idol concert tickets and collaborated with sports teams in attempts to attract younger donors, particularly as usually avid baby-boomer donors slip into poor health.

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Ahh, like my prior discussions of “spare parts”, it seems “sinful” to not give the gift of life.

Perhaps, the American Red Cross could think of ways to make it “fun” and appeal to everyone’s innate pride and generosity. It would be nice if it was easy to keep score. In my time on the planet, I know I’ve given more than gallon. I always tell my favorite college story of the good Brother who encouraged me to give blood for the first time with the exhortation, “you’re probably not too stupid to bleed right”. I would say “don’t take your spare parts with you”. I carry and organ donation card and have told Frau Reinke and anyone who would listen that “spare parts” should be recycled. My only concern with all methods of remains disposal is that we get the spare parts that others may need to them.

Like giving blood, there is no simpler act of kindness to another human being that to donate.

Now it is true, I’d like to see a free market in body parts, fluids, and everything. But that’s the Libertarian in me, trying to address the shortage of organs for transplants. I know that if there was a marketplace, then we would have ZERO shortages. The market would always clear. Paying money to bury or burn a perfectly useful object, to me, seems to be the height of selfishness. It can’t be used by its owner anymore, it has no substitute, and it’s going to spoil. So fill out your organ donation card and give blood. I assure you it won’t hurt a bit. Alright maybe a little bit, but you’re an adult. And they’ll give you a lollypop. And Kool sticker to wear.

And when you run in to that good Brother at Saint Peter’s check in desk, (he’ll be on staff there because he was great at recording all the minuses and the occasional rare plus), you can tell him that you weren’t too stupid to “bleed” or “donate an organ” before you left.

And if you don’t believe the heaven / hell myths, how about “karma”?

And if you believe in nothing, what if you’re wrong? Even BlackJack players sometimes take out insurance.

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