POLITICAL: How do we get to truly representative gooferment?

I’m tired of voting in elections where my choices never matter. If I was King, I would decree that you only vote for your block captain. (If you’re in an apartment, then your floor.) And, the block captains elect a neighborhood ElCalde. Those votes would be population weighted. The the block captain would have 22 votes representing the people on my block. I’d pay taxes to the “block captain”. And, then I’d have some one to hold accountable for the abuses. Every thing would be organized geographically summing up to the next higher level. I’m sure that would be a much better system of representative gooferment. With a lot less fuss ‘n’ muss. And campaign cost would drop dramatically.

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Recommended: Best ‘Free’ Show in Vegas

For perspective, I am the ‘luddite’ friend that John refers to and makes fun of on his blog.  But what I wanted to tell you about was the best ‘free’ show in Las Vegas.  John and I, along with our ‘fraus’ (a Johnism), were vacationing in LV last week and we went to Bill’s Gambling Hall & Saloon (for LV old-timers this is the old Barbary Coast Casino, behind the Flamingo).  In the lounge area where there is a small stage they have an Elvis impersonator act that is the best I have seen (The Las Vegas Review and Vegas.com agrees with me as they voted him ‘Best of Vegas; and Elvis Impersonator of the year in 2006).  The guy sits in a huge specially built chair, since he is probably 450 lbs.  But the good news is that he has lost over 400 pounds in the past couple of years, all on his own without surgery.  So you can imagine how big he was when he started to diet.  But his size has nothing to do with the experience, this guy has a great show that runs for an hour, takes requests, involves the audience, and here is the best part….he sounds fantastic.  He has a superb voice with great range, and you come away feeling ‘entertained’….and all for free, or the price of a beer if you want one. 

Here is his website, which lists the day/time when he performs.


If you ever appreciated Elvis’ music, don’t miss this one!  Enjoy.

P.S. And thanks to my friend John for letting me ‘post’ on his blog.


INTERESTING:Make meaningless pins, and passwords, self-referential

Lesson Learned: Casino loyalty card need a pin that one can remember. Use the card number!

Those casino loyalty card are really meaningless. I’m not sure if the staff can see the pin, but under no circumstances should you use your bank pin. Or, one used with anything important. So, I suggest that you use the first four digits or the last four digits.

Who cares?

You’ll never forget it. Because the card carries its own pin for you. Just don’t tell anyone and it’ll be fine. And, if someone guess, so what?

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RANT: Making men look … …

Has anyone noticed the trend in TV advertising that makes men, particularly fathers, look stupid, inept, or bad.

Example: T-mobile has the Dad do 5 * 5 = 26 and the Mom says “that’s why you have to stay in school”.

Now they wouldn’t dare target an ethnic minority for this type of treatment! So why is it OK to assign this role to men?

I am not going to buy any product, or family of products, that advertises in this fashion. And, I urge you to do the same. And, as I spot them, I’m going to point them out. I invite you to do the same.

So, if you use T-Mobile, then don’t call me.

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Add Thomas English Muffins — make Dad who ate Mom’s looks like a dishonest ass!

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