Recommended: Best ‘Free’ Show in Vegas

For perspective, I am the ‘luddite’ friend that John refers to and makes fun of on his blog.  But what I wanted to tell you about was the best ‘free’ show in Las Vegas.  John and I, along with our ‘fraus’ (a Johnism), were vacationing in LV last week and we went to Bill’s Gambling Hall & Saloon (for LV old-timers this is the old Barbary Coast Casino, behind the Flamingo).  In the lounge area where there is a small stage they have an Elvis impersonator act that is the best I have seen (The Las Vegas Review and agrees with me as they voted him ‘Best of Vegas; and Elvis Impersonator of the year in 2006).  The guy sits in a huge specially built chair, since he is probably 450 lbs.  But the good news is that he has lost over 400 pounds in the past couple of years, all on his own without surgery.  So you can imagine how big he was when he started to diet.  But his size has nothing to do with the experience, this guy has a great show that runs for an hour, takes requests, involves the audience, and here is the best part….he sounds fantastic.  He has a superb voice with great range, and you come away feeling ‘entertained’….and all for free, or the price of a beer if you want one. 

Here is his website, which lists the day/time when he performs. 

If you ever appreciated Elvis’ music, don’t miss this one!  Enjoy.

P.S. And thanks to my friend John for letting me ‘post’ on his blog.


2 thoughts on “Recommended: Best ‘Free’ Show in Vegas

  1. Applause for my favorite Luddite. He’s now blogged something, Wasn’t very hard, right? And, he’s absolutely correct. We arrived about twenty minutes before the show and scored the last table. For the price of some cheap drinks, he was excellent. THe fact it was free, mad it a bargain. And, every time I’m tempted to go off my perpetual diet, I think of Big Al. I can’t afford to gain any weight; I can’t sing like him. :-)

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