MONEY: college versus retirement

From a radio show by <what was that dude’s name>
about college versus retirement

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The host made an excellent case that parents should worry about their retirement more than their children college.

Retirement is paid for upfront. Assuming your retire at age 65, you must have all your “savings for retirement” completed at that point.

College for children can be paid over the child’s lifetime. Potentially 45 years to spread it out over. Student loans at low rates of interest allow this to happen.

Your estate can be used to pay off student loans. Student loans can not be used for your retirement.

College’s ROI is over valued. There are cheaper ways to get a college education. Specifically, community colleges. Specifically, get a job where the employer pays. Specifically, the GI bill. (Note, imho, that could cost you a child. Too expensive.) Specifically, testing to get required courses waived.

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Convinced me!

Especially the ROI. Get a degree in basket weaving for $160k? To earn no more than a high school grad? And some jobs don’t require a degree — sales for instance.

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TECH SERVICE: BLOGLINESBETA missing a feature from the old version

FROM: Bloglines Customer Service

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Thank you for contacting us. Please refer to the discussion thread below for our response. If you need further assistance with this issue, please reply to this message describing the issue in more detail.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

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Response (C.D.) 08/31/2007 08:12 PM

Your suggestion is much appreciated, and we have forwarded your note to the Bloglines Beta team.

Over the years we have modified our site based on feedback like yours and from other Blogliners. Look for changes in the upcoming weeks and months, as we continue to build-out Bloglines Beta. We welcome your thoughts about Bloglines.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Customer 08/30/2007 02:41 PM

Old Bloglines allows me to “keep as new”. So if I am whizzing thru and see something that I’d like to spend more time on I just check it. Beta Bloglines doesn’t do that. Or, I don’t see it. And, it doesn’t honor the oldblogline’s setting. This was the reason I move from Google to Bloglines. Hate to have to move again.

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Sigh! Why bother?

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August 27, 2007

Many political pundits from the mainstream media dismissed Ron Paul’s campaign for president from the day it started. However, when support for Dr. Paul came alive via the Internet, those so-called experts had to acknowledge (reluctantly for most of them) that there is support for Ron Paul. But then, they tried to dismiss that support as little more than an Internet craze that could not translate into “real support on the ground.”

Well, we know what they either don’t know or don’t want to admit: Americans from every state and every walk of life are supporting Ron Paul’s message of freedom, peace and prosperity.

As straw polls from around the nation are showing, more Americans by the day are deciding they want Ron Paul to be our next president.

Your donation will help us sustain this national momentum as we organize across America. See the straw poll results for yourself and then make a donation. You can now use PayPal to keep our momentum going.

List of Straw Poll Results

Thank you!

Kent Snyder
Chairman, Ron Paul 2008

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RANT: “repeal” bad laws … … in the jury box!

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Ohhh, they meant alcohol! Everyone knows that there is no similarity between alcohol prohibition and drug prohibition. No gangs killing innocent people. No infringements of our rights. No loading the jails with non-violent offenders.

Guess we’ll have to respond in the jury box.

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TECHNOLOGY: from the Ebenezer Scrooge School of Overseer Management

Network World’s Security Strategies Newsletter, 08/30/07
Ethical decision-making: Identifying the ethical issue
By Mark Gibbs

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Let’s assume for the sake of this discussion that an employee, Bob, has signed an appropriate-use agreement with his employer and that he’s not supposed to use his company computer for non-work-related Web surfing.

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It’s all too black and white. Cut and dried. Either or. The real world is much more gray!

If the employee we are talking about is an hourly employee — the IT equivalent of a burger flipper — then the case presented makes some amount of sense. But, I am hard pressed why they have a fully functional browser, and expensive hardware.

I think the more interesting case is when you apply this to what I will classify as “knowledge workers”. They present a tougher case in what’s acceptable use. Proper leadership would know when the people were being productive and then trying to micro mange what people do by AUPs — which never work — would be unnecessary.

While we are talking about following rules, the rule maker’s hands are not always that clean. Sometimes there are different AUPs for the AUP-makers. AND, then we have many organizations, who want knowledge workers to provide off hour support from home without compensation, wanting to enforce an AUP. Seems like the rules are used when they are convenient.

Bottom line: Everyone must tread very carefully. And, keep notes on what is “current practice”. They’ll be useful when you negotiate your severance or can be used as evidence at your trial. AUPs are another gotcha from the Ebenezer Scrooge School of Overseer Management!

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This is why David Zeiger decided he had to make a documentary about the antiwar movement that we’ve been taught to forget: the antiwar movement that organised itself in barracks, on aircraft carriers, in country, at listening posts, in the line for mess hall. His film is called Sir! No Sir! and in this viewer’s opinion it’s one of the best documentaries of recent years.

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I guess I led a sheltered life. In my USAF time 70-73, I never saw any such resistance.

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