LIBERTY: Thirty days back to a Constitutional America

Rockwell’s Thirty-Day Plan
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

***Begin Quote***

When Eastern Europe broke free in 1989, we all realized just how little thought had been given to the transition from socialism to capitalism. Mises had told us the collapse was coming, and we should have been prepared.

As America comes to resemble a command economy, we need a transition plan here too. Yuri Maltsev proposed a “One-Year Plan” for the U.S.S.R. We’re not in that bad a shape (yet), so we could do it in 30 days.

DAY ONE: The federal income tax is abolished and April 15th is declared a national holiday. The 40% reduction in federal revenues is matched by a 40% cut in spending. The budget is still almost twice as big as Jimmy Carter’s.


DAY FOURTEEN: The shaky fiat dollar is defined in terms of gold, with the ratio determined by dividing the government’s gold stock by all existing dollars on that day.


DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: The American people are given the unrestricted right to keep and bear arms.

***End Quote***

Well said. I have some minor quibbles.

In #1, what national holidays? What is is a holiday from? Where in the newly brushed off Constitution does it say anything about National Holidays? On April 15th, after Lew nukes the IRS, I’ll be happy to take a day off at my own choosing to tell my younger in-laws who were educated in gooferment skoolz that there once was a time when theft by a gang of very bad men holed up in a Maryland swamp were so strong that they convinced people that they should send half of their production to that swamp. But, I don’t need a gooferment holiday to do that!

In #14, I don’t agree in the redemption method. I think all those green pieces of paper need redemption and that all those unfunded promises need to be made whole, but how to do it is my quibble. I think all those federal assets need to be sold off for the creditors.

In #28, rights aren’t given! They may be restored from their previous infringement but they are after all inalienable.

All in all, I thing the schedule needs a little shuffling, but the next month should be fun!

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