GOLDBUG: Limiting inflation

The Gold Problem
By Ludwig von Mises
Posted on 8/10/2007

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Why have a monetary system based on gold? Because, as conditions are today and for the time that can be foreseen today, the gold standard alone makes the determination of money’s purchasing power independent of the ambitions and machinations of governments, of dictators, of political parties, and of pressure groups. The gold standard alone is what the nineteenth-century freedom-loving leaders (who championed representative government, civil liberties, and prosperity for all) called “sound money.”

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Big gooferment thrives on the inflation tax for a number of reasons. Probably the biggest easiest one is that they don’t have to go on the record and vote to raise taxes. With inflation, they just spend and print. The Fed is thrown into the mix to placate the bankers who understand the scam and could lead the intellectual debate against it. Linking money to some thing, anything, limits the gooferment’s ability to inflate the money supply. It doesn’t even have gold. Anything that prevents the printing press to create counterfeits. Gold has withstood the test of time.

The redeemabliity of a paper note into gold limits the number of notes that can be printed. Hence no inflation and stable prices.

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JOBSEARCH: An object lesson to those who are “in”

The Job Search Is Serious – Start Now, Don’t Ever Stop
By Jason Alba, Career Transition Editor

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Sound a little dramatic? Let me share part of my story. I’m sure that it’s not as bad as your story, but I’ll share it anyway.

I was a general manager of a small software/services company. We had a couple dozen employees, good clients, and software products that were maturing (and selling). I made decent money, although we were still living paycheck-to-paycheck (who doesn’t?).

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Jason’s story, that is in part told here. should serve as a wake up call to all those who are “in” but will SOON be “out”.

(Note “soon” is a relative term. I can’t tell you how long “soon” will be for you, but, I can assure you, it’s sooner than you think.)

My mantra is that you are only sure of the last paycheck that you have cashed. Have learned some of my lessons at the UOHK (University of Hard Knocks), I know that you better prepare for the day because it is coming. To do that, I have a monthly meeting with my imaginary Board of Directors. Questions for the CFO are:

* What is our “bear bones burn rate”(i.e., how much do we have to spend cutting out all the fat and frills)?

* How many months of “burning” do we have in our “war chest” (i.e., a dedicated account that’s our own personal unemployment insurance)?

* How many months will it take to go from “burning” back to “earning”? (n.b.: I’ve blogged and written on this estimate before. I can be a stunning number.)

* What are we doing to increase the reserve and decrease the “turnaround time”?

This article should be in every “in’s” inbox. It’s a wake up call. It will happen to you.

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RANT: Mainstream media bias refuted by a You Tube video

Having Fun Doing Good
by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

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It is truly extraordinary: Ron Paul’s campaign stops are attracting crowds that would make the other Republicans envious. His supporters make homemade T-shirts, flyers, yard signs, and more. Ron Paul fans drive hundreds of miles to hear their candidate speak without giving the matter a second thought.

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I find that with a little effort that the biased media can be uncovered. The article cites the mainstream media’s reporting and refutes it with a YouTube video.

That’s why the newspapers and tv “news” is going down the toilet.

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