TECH SOFTWARE: ROBOFORM (Highly Recommended — Essential Software)

Have a few situations where I think roboform2go could do a little better.

(1) When I resume, the roboform2go can’t remember where the fob was. even though it never left its place in the usb slot. Rerunning roboform2go fixes it.

(2) When I reboot, roboform2go restarts but the little icon — that gives me access easily to all the functions — gets “lost”. Rerunning roboform2go restores to its proper place.

(3) On resume, if I put the fob in too early in the boot process, then roboform2go never triggers to start.

I just think that it could be handled a little better.

For example, when roboform2go “loses” its fob, there should be a pick from the little icon to “look around for it”.

For example, when the little roboform2go icon goes “mia”, (Note: roboform2go is running and will supply data), there should be a secret key combo to restore the icon.

Just some kvetches that have been building up and I thought I’d mention them.

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JOBSEARCH: Career planning?

Does anyone ever have a “career plan”? What tools do you use to support that plan?

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I’ve been counseling my “turkeys” ((i.e., out of work fat old white guys usually in the IT field; you know COBOL guys in the RUBY age) about having a written plan for what they want. Everyone has heard that urban legend about 97% of successful Harvard graduates had a written plan when they graduated. (Have to research that particular urbanity!) But I haven’t found any web tools that support developing a “career plan”. Not that I need one now. But for my fellow turkeys. There’s execunet ( for executive job search. There’s jibberjobber ( for personal network management. But what helps plan the career? What is the “Microsoft Project” for turning a string of jobs into a career plan?

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Interesting question?

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RANT: Death By Gooferment

Free Healthcare is Expensive

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A Calgary woman was in excruciating pain from worn-out knee cartilage.
She had to wait 16 months for her “free” surgery. It took so long that
she became addicted to “free” Oxycontin. The result? More time on
another long list, waiting for “free” drug rehab.

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We have in today’s Amerika a perfect laboratory of “socialized medicine” in the “single payer genre”. The VA!

Yes, you don’t have to look and see what Hillary-care will look like. We have it already.

And, you want this for all of us?

Please count me out!

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