TECH SOFTWARE: Yahoo! Music Jukebox

Can you beleive this response?

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From: Yahoo! Music Jukebox []
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 7:53 PM
To: Reinke’s Catch All Email
Subject: Re: Musicmatch Migration issue (KMM102549845V28118L0KM)

Hello ,

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Music Jukebox.

To correct this issue, please uninstall then reinstall Yahoo! Music

First, uninstall the Yahoo! Music Jukebox:

1. Make sure to exit the Yahoo! Music Jukebox. If you don’t, the uninstall will fail.

2. At the bottom left of your Windows screen, click the “Start” button.

3. Depending on your Windows version, select “Settings” and then ‘Control Panel’, or just look for ‘Control Panel’ in the menu shown when you click ‘Start.’

4. Open ‘Control Panel.’

5. Double-click or select “Add/Remove Programs.”

6. In the list of applications, select “Yahoo! Music Jukebox” and click the “Remove” button.

7. Click the “Next” button, then “Finished.”

If you see an error that the uninstall process failed, you will need to install the Yahoo! Music Jukebox following the instructions below and then uninstall the application by performing the above steps again.

Once the Yahoo! Music Jukebox is successfully uninstalled, you will need to reinstall. Note that uninstalling and reinstalling the Yahoo!
Music Jukebox is free, and does not affect your Yahoo! Music Unlimited account. You will simply need to sign in using your Yahoo! ID at the completion of the install process; you will be prompted to add in the music files already on your computer, and your subscription music (if any) will be automatically populated.

1. Close all running applications except for Internet Explorer.

2. Please then visit your respective URL:

U.S. Version:

Canadian Version:

2. “Save” the program (please do not “Run” it) and download it to the desktop.

3. From the desktop, run the installer file that you downloaded and follow the onscreen instructions.

4. Please Note: Download time can take anywhere from 1 to 25 minutes and
18 MB of free space is required to install the Yahoo! Music Jukebox.

5. After installing, click the icon on your desktop to start the Yahoo!
Music Jukebox. Sign in using your Yahoo! ID.

For more information about troubleshooting with the Yahoo! Music Jukebox, go to:

Thank you again for writing Yahoo! Music.



Yahoo! Customer Care

New and Improved Yahoo! Mail – better than ever!


Original Message Follows:

Mail-Id: 1187621904-6907
“Name:” : reinkefj
“Yahoo! ID:” : reinkefj
“Email Address:” :
“Current Operating System:” : Windows XP “Subject:” : Musicmatch Migration issue “WMP Version:” : Not set by user “If yes, check here:” : Not set by user “Additional Information” : Don't know what WMP version, Script error; workaround doesn't work. Argh!
While Viewing:

Form Name:

Yahoo ID: reinkefj : Yahoo id from cookie “

Other ID:

Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:
Gecko/20070725 Firefox/



Date Originated: Monday August 20, 2007 – 07:58:24


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MONEY: the real estate market exploded

Top Swiss banker attacks US lending standards as ‘unbelievable’
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Yvette Essen
Last Updated: 12:15am BST 21/08/2007

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Switzerland’s top banker has warned of massive losses from the unfolding credit crisis, describing the collapse in US lending standards as “unbelievable”.

Jean-Pierre Roth, president of the Swiss National Bank, said market turmoil was far from over as tremors from the sub-prime debacle continued to rock the world.

“We’re certainly not at the end of the story. There are question marks surrounding the development of the American economy,” he said. “Something unbelievable happened. People who had neither income nor capital got credit with very attractive conditions. Now reality is striking back,” he said.

***End Quote***

No money down, low interest rate, no documentation.

Was it any wonder that the real estate market exploded. One way to avoid inflation, (i.e., the counterfeiting of money), is to buy real estate.

And I am sure the local komisars were not unhappy with the run up. In New Jersey, property taxes are based on “value”.

What a joke!

And, are we hurting America’s productivity by having people locked in a location by home they are tied to. That, as opposed to a rental apartment, where if they found a job in a different geography, moving was not out of the question.

Can anyone not in a city ever walk to work? Or, perhaps telecommuting is going to make a big comeback?

Having said that, perhaps now is the time to find bargains?

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LIBERTY: how good it will be if we just get the right people in office


Daniel Buk wrote 56 minutes ago
re: Joe Biden for President ’08

***Begin Quote***

Actually, he admitted he made a mistake. He quoted Neil Kinnock before in his speeches and always attributed. However, he made a mistake once in which he forgot to attribute quotes to the British politician.

As for calling him a ‘statist socialist’, he is not. None of the candidates are socialists. However, if you point specifically to what you think is “socialist” in Biden’s record, then I could properly address those issues. Nevertheless, I assure you that Biden is not a “statist socialist.”

***End Quote***

He still has no executive experience. And, he is a Big Government Democrat. (A duplication in terms.) I think all the candidates with the exception of Ron Paul are socialists. Not one of the others seeks to reduce the size of the government. With out being nasty, these candidates are just more of the same stuff. (I leave it to the imagination what kind of stuff I think they are full of.)

IMHO All you really need to ask is one question. How does the candidate stand on gun control? It’s the litmus test of freedom and liberty. If they are for gun control, then they want to be able to control the people. If they are against it, then they trust the people.

As I see it, there are either of two memes: (1) people are basically good; or (2) people are basically bad. If they are good, then we only need a small government to protect our freedoms from force or fraud. If they are bad, then we want a small weak government because when bad people get in control of it we will be oppressed.

Either way, we need a much much smaller government. I’ve been working for a number of years and the government has continually taxed me heavily for services that I neither want, nor asked for. When the taxes are confiscatory, rebellion is the only answer.

Over the years, the government has become adept at hiding how much we are paying. I’ve seen estimates between 40% and 100%+. (The hundred per centers attempt to calculate the inflation tax paid by anyone holding dollars or things denominated in dollars. Hence your savings are being silently confiscated!) Even if we take a low number like 50%, when I say some one takes from me by threat of force (Taxes are NOT voluntary!) half of my production, am I not half a slave?

When Biden recants his Big Government voting record, then we can have another conversation. Until then, I’m immune to their siren songs of how good it will be if we just get the right people in office.

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MONEY: one way to make money in the market

Financial Markets on Crack
by Kevin Duffy

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How does today’s credit bubble compare to its 1998 and 2000 predecessors? Derivative exposure has more than tripled since 1998. And the balance sheets of the top 5 investment banks have nearly tripled since 2000. Structured finance was in its infancy 9 years ago and the collateralized debt obligation (CDO) market was just being invented. LTCM was a liquidity crisis; the current credit meltdown is a solvency crisis.

Cheap and plentiful credit is what caused the current mess. More of the same can only make it worse. It is only a matter of time before this shot of credit heroin wears off. Sometimes the best medicine is none at all.

***End Quote***

Yup, you don’t grab a falling knife. But it is tempting. Buying quality stuff at a discount is one way to make money in the market.

But, if the market is going over the cliff in an unprecedented fashion, does it matter if you are on the bus going over or just waltzing along.

Bottom line: You’re on your tush saying “what happened”.

Aigh! (Combo sigh and argh)

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TECH SERVICE: PLAXO30BETA sucks but is it useful?

Plaxo is entering the social networking space. Your Plaxo Pulse Network only allows “family”, “friends”, and “business network”. How lame is that? I have many different labels that I would like to use. For example, Jaspers, MCers, Prespters, MP64ers, Linkedin-ites, EUNers, LNJ, LPU … … ad nauseum. Why restrict me to your three choices? Argh!

Jury still out but not looking good!

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RANT: Had to settle but argh!

My, now in a nursing home, aunt got services from Visiting Nurse Service of Central Jersey. Under advice from my lawyer, it was cheaper to settle than to fight.


Here’s the rest of the story.

My aunt needed home health aide services for four hours per day. This was arranged between her and Saint Peter’s hospital. I was involved as my aunt’s health care proxy. So everything was OK. Then, my aunt became lax about paying bills so as her HCP/POA and “favorite relative”, I started running her finances. We gave VNANJ her credit card and they started charging it for time billed. The aide was not the best, and that is another whole story, but there was not much I could do. I didn’t care for the arrangement especially since I wasn’t in the paperwork circle except as it pertained to the checking account. I asked verbally for them to cc me on the stuff but they cited “privacy”. Now I should have smelled a rat and raised a fuss then but I had a lot going on at that time.

Fast forward a few months and my aunt falls, breaks a bone, and goes from hospital to nursing home. First thing after the fall I (personally) call and stop the service.

But they keep billing. So I politely, at first, gripped.

Then, after a few MONTHS, they start dunning me for the accumulated balance. WT … … what kind of “barbara streisand” is this?

It appears that they “underbilled” my aunt for hours provided and “accrued” her payments.

I told them that wasn’t my problem.

Long story short, my lawyer can’t prove my side based on what I have and urged me to settle.

Against my better judgment, I did.

But I am definitely off the charts on this one.

Lessons Learned:

  • All agreements must be in writing.
  • All elder arrangements must be carefully supervised.
  • All elder finances must be carefully documents.
  • VNA Central Jersey is not to be trusted. They may have to be used but plan to watch them as you would a convicted felon counting money!

I just paid 5k$ of my aunt’s money for a very expensive lesson.

I heard that the aide sued VNACJ for a pay dispute. I wonder if I just got a certain end of the stick from that?

Please learn from my “mistake”. You don’t have to pay tuition at every school to learn.

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FUN: never betting on anything that can talk?

*** begin quote ***

August 21, 2007 — Holy cow! NBA games have been crooked (“Ref Blowing the Whistle,” Aug. 19)?

No kidding!

Bob Aaron

*** end quote ***

Isn’t there some famous advice about never betting on anything that can talk?

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