GUNS: Does the Commissioner go to prison WHEN someone

Black bears getting grisly across state
Wednesday, August 01, 2007
For the Star-Ledger

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Scary incidents involving black bears keep happening across North Jersey even as the Corzine Administration continues to say hunting is not a valid way to stop them.

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Despite these close calls, the DEP’s commissioner, who canceled the 2006 bear hunt, remains steadfast in her position that non-lethal methods of bear control must prove to be failures before a tried-and-true means of wildlife population control — hunting — will be allowed.

Commissioner Lisa Jackson … …

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Does the Commissioner go to prison WHEN someone get seriously hurt or worse?

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INTERESTING: Shrimp eater pay more than they know!

How the Shrimp Tariff Backfired
By Aleksandra Dunaeva and Don Mathews
Posted on 8/1/2007

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The great Frederic Bastiat (1801-–1850) taught that wealth can be obtained in two ways: it can be produced or it can be plundered. Production is undertaken by entrepreneurs. Plunder is often undertaken with the express assistance of government, taking the form of tariffs, taxes, subsidies, and other interventionist measures justified as policy in the public interest.

But entrepreneurs are not easily thwarted by government intervention. Sometimes entrepreneurs respond so creatively that they render the interventionist measure almost meaningless. A classic example of an entrepreneurial response to state-sponsored plunder is the case of the US anti-dumping tariff on imported shrimp.

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Bottom line: The American consumer got screwed and the politicians, lobbyists, and industry moguls got rich.

And, you think that the gooferment protect you?

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INTERESTING: What has Obama done?

By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
July 30, 2007

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The polling is in and Hillary made a big mistake in her sharp disagreement with Obama over whether the president should meet with leaders of rogue nations. According to the Rasmussen Poll, Democrats agree with Obama over Hillary by 55%-22%. Without a poll to pretest her comments, Hillary instinctively took the “insider” position that the president should only meet with such leaders after extensive probing by subordinates to assure that the meetings would be productive. But she was wrong. Democrats want the president to meet with leaders of such nations without pre conditions.

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Interesting. I’d think that H would just keep emphasizing that O hadn’t done anything. But, then maybe that’s a two edged sword. Neither has she.

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RANT: Depending upon the gooferment can get you killed

Survivors Recount Escape From Bridge
Aug 2, 6:36 AM (ET) By PAT CONDON

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Dennis and Jamie Winegar were driving across the Mississippi River, stuck in the late rush-hour traffic, when they felt the bridge beneath them start to shake. The visitors from Houston, Texas, were among the survivors of Wednesday’s collapse of the Interstate 35W bridge near downtown Minneapolis.

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Ahhh, yes, I see the gooferment is there to protect us. And, how else could we do roads with out the Mommy Government and Father State?

At least in China, when the head of their version of the FDA screwed up, they took him out an shot him. Who’s going to take the fall for this one? My guess is no one!

Ever hear about bridge collapses in Disneyland, Disneyworld, or such?

Nope, because if it was YOUR bridge, and you earned your lively hood form it, I bet you’d check it more than once every few YEARS!

Now, it could have been an Act of God. But, it could be overuse of road salt, blind stupidity (Roman Arches have lasted thousands of years), or malfeasance. Let’s hope that it wasn’t some criminal behavior.

Bottom line: Depending upon the gooferment can get you killed.

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