LIBERTY: How does a New Jersian “vote” for Ron Paul?

Since New Jersey is a solidly Democratic state, it frustrating not to be able to add to the momentum. By the time, primary time comes the issue will be decided. And, in any event, the likelyhood of out voting all the socialists here is next to nil.

So what can a NuJerzeeeian to do?

(1) Put my money where my mouth is. So, I’m making monthly contributions. Nag everyone I know to support Ron Paul by doing the same thing.

(2) Point out the good things that Ron Paul stands for and his track record.

(3) Vote up the Ron Paul message on all the various sites.

Miss anything?

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INDEXCARDNOVEL: Scrooge’s Scrooge

He waived goodbye to his son Seth, wife, and their three children.

Seth had finally landed a job as the supervisor of a garbage dump reclamation project. We all knew it was a great job. It paid 800 of the new Kilo dollars per year. But with gas at 200K$ per gallon, he knew he’d never see them again. After all it was more than 300 miles away. It would take 30 gallons of gas or 6M$. And that doesn’t count the permits, taxes, and fees. So he knew he wouldn’t be comforted on his death bed. But he would be mourned at his graveside.

He had had a frank talk about that with Seth.

At his age, he would not be approved by Homeland Security to move with them. And when you “emigrate” more than 50 miles, all your real property is turned over to the town and auctioned. Like abandoned property, it all goes to pay for the welfare of those on the dole.

Seth and he had worked on hiding the “insurance policies” in the things that they are allowed to take. Since Seth didn’t own anything, and there was nothing for the government to steal, the inspectors would be unusually diligent in making sure that nothing left the jurisdiction.

Since they were not permitted to search or seize religious items, each one had a new cross crescent circle moon medallion. Made as the logo of the State religion, it was particularly immune. No one, except he and Seth, knew that they were pure gold. When they arrives at the new house, Seth would put them in some concrete somewhere. With the proper respect to the new “religion” of course.

He had also shaved out the insides of some hockey pucks and glued one “tenth” in each one. He carefully weighed the shave out against the gold coin’s tenth of an ounce. It was tricky work since it had to feel like a hockey puck to the inspector.

He had planned for this day. It’s amazing what you can do when you’re motivated. A doll’s shoes have gold leaf insoles. A hammer has a solid gold head with a steel cover. Gold coins in the car’s radiator. None of his Y2K gold, platinum, and pladdium coins were on the government radar. They were hard to spend because simple possession was illegal. But there was always a “black market”. The government taxed everything. And what they didn’t tax, if they wanted it, they just seized it.

He just couldn’t move with his beloved son because he still had 24 people living with him. It was some family, extended family, friends, and just people who had need a place to stay. His pensions, social security, and hoardings made him into like a cash cow. He always had to watch everything because the grifters, the mob, the cops, or the government were always trying to seize what he had. What happened to all those people when he died? He could do nothing about. Estate tax was 100%!

No one could be trusted. Nothing was sacred.

When he died, his son would NOT come back for the funeral. But he would be allowed to have the body shipped to his new home for burial. And, that’s how they’d move the diamonds. Ebineezer had read about the Jews in Germany and how they did it. Good thing that he was able to talk to those survivors when he was young. Nothing like it was ever mentioned in government school today. But, he knew how to swallow.

Everyone knows nothing like that or this could have happen here in New Amerika.

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