If you are in Vegas, they have “The Price Is Right” show. (It’s NOT the TV program and tix ain’t cheap.) But it’s fun.

Tip: If you’re called as part of a foursome to bid on an item (win and you get up on stage), the THIRD player must bid UNDER the next higher bid. Else the Fourth (Last) Bidder will always go over you by a dollar. So for example, without this tip, when #1 bids $100 and #2 bids $200, you can’t bid $300. The fourth player will bid $301 and the only shot is if you hit it on the head. In the example, with this tip, you’d bid $150 and the fourth player would bid $201. You’d at least have a shot. If you want to be nasty, you could bid 101 and take the whole number space, but I believe The Universe would see that and make the right price exactly $100 to rub your nose in your immoral behavior. (But that’s just me.) For the second bidder, I’d always bid a dollar, and take the under. In the five showcases, I saw taking the under would have won at least one.

Tip: If you get to the final showcase, take care not to “overbid”. In my visit, both contestants overbid. My recommended strategy for the second contestant is to ALWAYS bid a dollar. They have the wrinkle that if you come within a dollar you win the showcase. If you are the correct bidder, you win a prize. Not the showcase.

As always YMMV!

# # # # #

NATIONAL: All nations need to revise their “social insurance” schemes

Libertarian Paternalism
by Jacob G. Hornberger

*** begin quote ***

Libertarianism stands for the principle that people should be free to keep their own money, handle their own retirement, and take care of their own parents and others through voluntary charity. That’s what genuine freedom is all about – the freedom to be responsible or irresponsible, the freedom to honor one’s parents or not, the freedom to help those in need or not. If people are forced to be responsible or caring, then they cannot truly be considered free.

Under Social Security, the state forcibly takes a portion of people’s earnings and distributes them to the elderly. Despite the illusion that the government has created with IOUs issued to the Social Security Administration by the Treasury Department, and contrary to what people have convinced themselves over the years, there is no Social Security fund and there never has been. The idea of a Social Security fund has long been a deception by the state and a self-deception by the citizenry. It consists of nothing more than IOUs issued by the Treasury Department in exchange for the cash that the Social Security Administration has collected, IOUs that cannot be paid until the government first raises the money (by additional taxes) to redeem them.

Thus, in actuality Social Security is a straight socialist transfer scheme – one in which the state takes a young Peter’s money to distribute it to an elderly Paul. In other words, it is a classic socialist or paternalistic program, one in which people look to government to play the role of a parent watching over and taking care of his adult children.

*** end quote ***

These socialist programs represent the worst of socialism.

Racist / Sexist in that the transfer goes from poor black men to rich white women.

It’s an immoral theft. Left to their own devices, people could easily beat the negative one percent return.

It’s a Ponzi scheme where the current recipients are paid by the current taxpayers. As the population ages, the demographic change will swamp the system.

It’s a slush fund. Politicians “stole” the funds “deposited” for their favorite programs. Just another way, they can spend us into poverty.

There is literally nothing good about this program.

# # # # #

RANT: You have NO idea what you pay in taxes!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007
Someone Is Stealing Money Out Of My Paycheck, And I Think It’s The Government

For Whom the Bell Tolls…

…The thoughts and rants of a white, upper-middle class, conservative, dangerously good-looking, super awesome, twenty-something mechanical engineer straight out of the not-so-mean streets of the not-so-urban suburbs of Bergen County, New Jersey…whose last name just happens to be Bell so that he can cleverly name his blog “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

*** begin quote ***

Have you ever bothered to calculate how much money the government actually takes out of your paycheck per year in taxes?

*** end quote ***

Well, ChrisBell, sad to tell, it’s even worse that you think. You can’t tell Bell what you are paying in taxes. There are additional factors to consider:

ONE, Inflation! The good old Federal Reserve Bank, which is neither Federal, Reserves anything, or a Bank, prints far more dollars — both with a printing press and electronically. This technically is monetary inflation, which allows the Federal Gooferment to “tax” everyone who has a dollar. If one pays attention in Ekkeynomics Class, when the sovereign debases the currency by printing more they get to spend these new dollars without taxing the people. Inflation ripples through the economy hurting all sorts of people. After all the stolen wealth has to come FROM somewhere. The net effect is a tax of some number per cent, no one knows exactly, estimated between 2% (Fed’s number, 12% some economists’ number, and 20% some conspiracy nuts number. So, each year, one can say you’ve paid an inflation tax. Someone has to pay for all the welfare warfare programs.

TWO, Businesses don’t pay tax; you do! Business only exist to make a profit. All of their costs are added into the cost of whatever they sell. Buy a widget and all of their costs are in that widget. Think they paid taxes? Nope, you did. Corporate income tax? Nope, it is deliberately misnamed. It’s a Personal Tax Paid By You Via A Business!

THREE, Hidden taxes! Did you know there are federal, state, and local taxes on gasoline? How much gas goes into the products and services you buy? (see item #2) How much gas do you use earning money and getting the stuff you need home to consume? Yup, you paid more taxes.

FOUR, Price rises raise taxes and fees! When the cost of goods and services go up, from inflation or greedy gooferment charges more, that is more taken out of the productive side of the economy and flushed down the rat hole of gooferment. So, inflation raises the “value” of your house, then your property taxes go up. So, you sell an “investment” that increased in “value”, you pay more in capital gains tax. So, the gooferment publik skoolz pay more for goods and services, they need to raise your taxes to pay it.

FIVE, Gooferment spending crowds out profitable growth! When the gooferment takes more for itself, it silently crowds out better uses of that money. (Basat’s Fallacy of the Broken Window) Some of those uses would be important. If I had an extra 100k, I’d probably do something frivolous like buy a car (which would employ lots of people in Detroit). But I don’t have it, so those people are not gainfully employed. They are probably on unemployment. But, imagine all the productive wealth building uses that are crowded out. Someone could have opened a new business, discovered a medical breakthrough, or who knows what! That effect is compounded. That is, when Mary didn’t find the cure for cancer, then Joe wasn’t around to discover the superconductor, that Peter could have used to make a faster computer, that Paul woul have used to halve the cost of your next book from Amazon.

SIX, What is a tax and what is a fee!?! The gooferment mislabels it’s revenue collection. If you can’t avoid paying it, then it is a tax! Not a user fee. Not anything other than a nasty tax. SO, when you register your car, that’s a tax! You can’t avoid it. Real Estate Transfer Fee. That’s a tax. Regulatory recovery fee on your cell phone. Tax. Rural Telephone Fund Surcharge. Tax! SO make sure when you try to identify all the taxes you pay, you don’t miss any.

Bottom line: We have no idea how much we pay in taxes! The number, that we come up with by adding the direct taxes we pay, is only a small portion of what we actually pay. The gooferment is the only think that can force you to pay for services that you don’t want, need, or can’t afford. And, those services are shoddy, over-priced, and often sometimes even undelivered.

And, the American revolution was fought over the Stamp Act which was a 1% tax on deeds.

Now how do you feel? I feel screwed. When you consider inflation, my tax rate is over 100% of annual year’s earnings. Hard to imagine? That’s just losing ground on every dollar I save for retirement!

Don’t get me started on property taxes for gooferment eddycation and the social insecurity Ponzi scheme!

# # # # #

RANT: Minimize their tax burden; go to hell?

Pope Benedict XVI condemns those who look to minimize their tax burden
Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University.

*** begin quote ***

London’s Times Online recently reported that, according to Vatican sources, Pope Benedict XVI is working on his second encyclical, a doctrinal pronouncement that will condemn tax evasion as “socially unjust.” The pontiff will denounce the use of tax havens and offshore banking by wealthy individuals because it reduces tax revenues for the benefit of society as a whole.

*** and ***

I share Pope Benedict’s desire to assist our fellow man in need. But I believe that reaching into one’s own pocket to do so is praiseworthy and laudable. Reaching into another’s pocket to assist one’s fellow man in need is despicable and worthy of condemnation.

*** end quote ***

Seems like the “social justice” side of the Pope is coming out. Hmmm! Maybe he is ignoring that the gooferment is forcefully stealing form the people. At one time, when there were Kings, the people could run to the Church for protection. Guess that time is over? No one — not King, Pope, or President — has any “right” to what I produce, have produced, or will produce. For if they do, then we are but slaves. All we are talking about is percentages.

I’m reminded of an off-color joke. Ugly old man asks beautiful young girl to sleep with him for a thousand dollars. She exclaims “I wouldn’t do it for a a hundred thousand dollars”. He replies, “How about a million?” She says, “What kind of a girl do you think I am?”. He concludes, “We’ve already established that. Now we are just talking price!”

If you have a positive right to something, then someone (i.e., the taxpayer) has an obligation to pay for it. That implies that the gooferment can use force to make the taxpayer cough up the dough. So, if you have a right, then I am your slave. We already established what the moochers are and what we are. Now we are just talking “price”. How much of a slave do you think you can make me?

Hope you have a lot of weapons when that next Sparticus fellow comes along. You’re going to have to kill a lot of us slaves to preserve your right to the dole.

# # # # #

MONEY: Loyalty cards don’t matter … unless they do !?!

Lesson Learned: Loyalty cards don’t matter … unless they do.

Sound strange.

Follow along. Remember YMMV!

Loyalty cards are those stupid card that the casinos want you to use so they can build a profile on you. I always sign up for them. I figure what do I have to lose. (Just my privacy. But I’m so out there, there no such think anyway!)

Silverton Casino on Blue Ridge Road in LV. Played for a week off and on a various visits. (They have the most beautiful aquarium and are physically connected to the Bass Shop. Kool! And, neet!) Check for the result of my play that week … … tada … $3.36! (Are you joshing me?)

Boulder Station Casino out on Boulder Highway. Hadn’t played yet. But when we went to the buffet, the cards got us 4$/head off!!

So, from this, I come to the conclusion: get them, expect little, and, you will always be pleasantly surprised.

# # # # #

LINKEDIN: How ungrateful can you be? LinkedIn sucks.

Vincent Wright has received a “trademark infringement” letter from LinkedIn.

Now that is hubris on the part of LinkedIn.

Vincent is the “godfather” of a ton of groups LinkedIn_XXXXX (i.e., power users, bloggers, moderators, plaxo, vets). And, has single handly been LinkedIn’s cheerleader.

This is not the first time that LinkedIn has bitten it’s users with its psycho change in policy. When they were first pandering for users, they wanted you to spread the word and link to everyone you knew. Then after a year or eighteen months, they wanted “exclusivity” so they, with zero notice, imposed the “five i don’t knows and you’re suspended” policy. Vincent single handedly calmed a revolt.

When they blew their service about groups, Vincent was a calming influence.

Eventually Vincent decided to deploy his considerable energy to more worthwhile pursuits. And, I don’t blame him.

Now, LinkedIn is worried about its trademark? They get my “that sucks” award. Trademark that!

(I’m waiting for my trademark letter as well for LinkedInJaspers.)

Guess they don’t think they need that buzz from all those local groups like LinkedIn_State, like my LinkedIn_NewJersey. Makes those folks, who decided to compete by going to LinkTo_NewYork, look like geniuses.

Well, if I was the VCs buying LinkedIn, I’d look at this tired old whore’s teeth. I’ll be deemphasizing LinkedIn.

# # # # #

NEWJERSEY: This “incest” between the Guv and Karla has more facets than the Hope Diamond

Corzine/Katz E-Mail Saga Gets Even Muddier
Wednesday, September 19, 2007 – Millennium Radio

*** begin quote ***

The legal battle over whether Governor Jon Corzine should make public e-mails he exchanged with state employee union president and ex-girlfriend Carla Katz during recent state worker contract negotiations continues to get more bizarre by the day. An intra-union battle is now brewing as Katz’s fellow Local presidents offer conflicting stories of what did or did not happen with the bargaining committee.

*** end quote ***

Looks like the Union Members are wising up to the screwing that they took in this whole thing. The taxpayers and the union members were screwed by the Gut and Karla. We don’t understand exactly where the bodies are buried, but it stinks.

# # # # #

MONEY: Tips are assumed to be $28 per hour

The new IRS tip compliance program really sticks it to Nevada’s gaming workers
George Harris is publisher of Liberty Watch: The Magazine. He is also a political activist and successful Southern Nevadan businessman.

*** begin quote ***

IRS. No three letters spark disdain with the American public more than those. If it weren’t for the creative withholding tax — the bi-weekly theft that enables a majority of American employees to finance their annual IRS bill (for earning a living) — the “revenue service” would not exist due to public outrage. Too many people just could not fathom (or afford) to write a single check on April 15 for the lump sum that the agency collects each year. Having a compassionate heart, the IRS is aware of the trouble this may cause some families. So they assist us with the “service” of a withholding tax. Rather than think of it as bi-weekly theft, we should look at it as a savings plan to pay income taxes.

*** and ***

These consequences may sound frightening, but remember the IRS has heart. Even they know that tip levels can’t always be as good as $28 an hour. That’s why if business levels dramatically change like they did after 9/11, approved rates for each tip compliance position may be modified by the IRS due to a significant drop in revenues.

*** end quote ***

How stupid are the sheeple here?


There’s a reason that election day is six months after tax day. There is a reason for the “withholding” service the gooferment gives you. There is a reason that they stick it to the people and let the powerful slide.

Working in the underground economy could become very popular soon.

# # # # #

PRODUCTIVITY: Always have your important passwords available

LESSONS LEARNED: Use a code table and use list. Keep the relationship in your wallet.

*** Begin Code Table ***

x-\-x x1 x2 x3 x4 x5
6x B8ZQ86ID LO2Z933A NLNU5Q1B W199RQ4O X9E87EC3

x-\-x x6 x7 x8 x9 x0

***End Code Table ***


*** Begin Use List ***

Bank #1, 2, 3, and 4.

Email #1, 2, 3, and 4.

Website #1, 2, 3, and 4.

Blogsite #1, 2, 3, and 4.

*** End Use List ***


*** Begin Xref ***

1 31 2 42 3 92 4 81

1 17 2 71 3 24 4 15

1 88 2 92 3 51 4 65

1 14 2 22 3 79 4 52

*** end xref ***

And, all you need is the web page and it will all unfold.

# # # # #


September 28, 2007
My Life List
Posted by G. Lane Cavalier under Lagniappe , Life

*** begin quote ***

a life list is basically a checklist of things you want to do or places to visit before you die.

*** end quote ***

So suitable emboldened by GLaneC posting his list, I’ll share mine.

*** Begin My Re-Focus List ***


0. Investing
** achieve critical mass
** d2z protection
** insure next gen success
** spawn bizs
** nh?

1. consulting
** ita
** bpr
** sec

2. coaching
** jobsearch
** career management

3. coding
** ruby
** emulators

4. teaching
** edu
** sub-edu
** trade

5. writing
** fiction
*** ita
*** planning
** nonfict
*** mva
*** wolves
*** others

6. inventing
** calc
** grocery
** car util

7. learning
** spanish
** german
** juggle
** memory
** great books / western world

9. ToDos
** drive to biloxi and stop at all the tourist spots.
** biloxi davis library
** krosskountry
** alaska
** run a marathon
** dc art
** minor ball parks
** turtles grand cayman
** rt 80 15inch sign
** williamsport
** directory of shrines
** visit presidents
** every country
** habitat
** appliachian trail
** read foxfire
** route 66
** pan for gold out west
** drive route 1 end to end
** visit all us casinos
** list of national parks & see them
** write my books
** vatican
** paris
** thailand
** travel book
** fire the auto
** shoot often

*** End My Re-Focus List ***

IMHO everyone should have one.


How much I’ll get done I don’t know. But I have my list!

# # # # #

RANT: Fix old imanutjob with financial sanctions

Dick Morris Reports
Published in the New York Post on September 27, 2007.

*** begin quote ***

The blow to Iran’s rulers should be huge. The California system alone has assets totaling $350 billion – much of it invested in companies that do business with Iran such as Sieman’s, Total, Respol and Shell.

*** and ***

In one of the letters, Thompson warned the Spanish oil giant Respol that its investments in Iran pose “significant risks to the company, and by extension, to our investments and that of other share-owners of the company.”

*** and ***

Eighty-five percent of Iranian government revenues come from the energy industry – a total of $55 billion in 2006. Already, falling oil production (down by a third since the 1979 revolution) and rising domestic demand will cut government energy revenues by an estimated 20 percent over the coming year.

*** and ***

What could be more right than slowing Iran down in its drive to acquire nuclear weapons?

*** end quote ***

What better way to “kneecap” old “I’m a nut job” (as coined by Jay Leno) then with out an invasion, firing a shot, or any fuss or muss.

Luv it!

# # # # #

RANT: Gooferment at work; don’t get in the way!

Sep 26, 2007 6:43 pm US/Central
Crew Paints Over Roadkill Raccoon In Lemont
Area Residents Say This Isn’t The First Time Crews Have Treated Animals Carelessly
Mike Puccinelli Reporting

*** begin quote ***


(CBS) LEMONT, Ill. A photograph sent to CBS 2 shows a raccoon dead in the middle of a Lemont street, and yellow stripes painted right over its body by road crews.

*** end quote ***

Your gooferment at work.

Now you know how I feel every April 15th and every (Dej)Election Day!

In their defense, it wasn’t a case of “treating an animal carelessly”. It is probably that the work rules don’t allow the Certified Line Painter to get of the truck and shovel it off. That’s probably the job of the Certified Wildlife Removal Specialist. And, we have a labor dispute when the wrong union gets certain work. Probably, the fellow could have done it and the state would have just paid the “right” union worker extra. Now the Certified Job Designer will have to change the Certified Line Painting Procedure and put the job back out for bids.

Argh! Makes me “Certifiable”. Argh!!

# # # # #

TECHNOLOGY: Deceptive Slot Machine in Lost Wages

I found a series of deceptive slot machines in Las Vegas. (Unusual, because the Nevada Gaming Commission is unusually strict with stuff like that.) They were high top modern ones … penny slots … with 210 coins max bet. The deceptive part was that they reset after an idle period to indicate 1 coin – 1 line – 1 (something). Regardless of what the last play was. No accident I watched it happen. (Where’s a video cam or camera when you need one!)

It’s deceptive because there are slot players, like myself, who look for slots where the last player “tapped out”. Some people will play a slot down to their last credit. A 1/1/1 is a sign that some one just played out their allotment for that machine without winning. (Akin to the “jump in one’s grave” strategy where they watch you lose and then as soon as you leave, they play and hit “your jackpot”. Argh!) Some players, like myself, don’t like to play slots where someone has one big as indicated by a big cash out. (Not completely reliable.) Some players, like myself, like to play machines where there’s a big last bet and no big cash out. (Indicating a big player tapped out on the machine without hitting.)

So, I’ll be looking into what it takes to make a complaint to the NV state gooferment.

# # #


From: Howie, Gordon []
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 7:42 PM
To: reinkefj
Subject: Slot Machine Question

Mr. Reinke,  Unfortunately there is no requirement that I am aware of that a slot machine keep the information displayed relevant to what the prior player was wagering or cashed out.  In reality and statistically the information you think you gain some insight from has nothing to do with the outcome of the next game played. There are a lot of changes in the way modern gaming devices present the games and some do not keep any prior information available for the review of another patron who is trying to find just the right machine.  We are also receiving a lot of questions about why the tokens and coin hoppers are being replaced with ticket in / ticket out.  It is all part of the technology which is changing very rapidly in the industry. 

If I can be of any additional assistance please feel free to contact me.  

Gordon R. Howie, Jr.
Special Agent, Enforcement Division
Nevada Gaming Control Board

Important: This communication, including any attachments, may contain confidential information and is intended only for the individual or entity to whom it is addressed. Any review, dissemination, or copying of this communication by anyone other than the intended recipient is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-Mail and delete all copies of the original message.

# # #

So shut up and just lose your money quietly?

It was a prompt reply.   :-)

# # # # #

NEWJERSEY: The Guv’s going to the pawn shop …:

Corzine’s Monetization Scheme Still Not Ready
Thursday, September 27, 2007 – Millennium Radio

*** begin quote ***

Cynics claim that Governor Jon Corzine is intentionally delaying the unveiling of his state asset monetization plan until after November’s elections because polls show voters oppose the very concept. Generating cash for the state by monetizing the toll roads has been the most critiqued possibility and surveys reveal voters fear huge toll increases. Those same cynics say by withholding the scheme, Corzine is protecting his fellow Democrats from backlash at the polls. Corzine says the plan simply isn’t ready yet.

*** end quote ***

The Guv is going to the pawn shop with NJ taxpayer’s assets. And, he’s going to do it immediately after the election.

Any one who votes for a Democrat is a fool.

Not that the Republicans are any different, just that it will put a sharp slap up to the side of their head.

After the election, the roads paid for will be sold to the Guv’s friends on Wall Street by the Guv’s friends on Wall Street. The money will go down the Trenton rat hole.

What a joke!

# # # # #

POLITICAL: How do we get to truly representative gooferment?

I’m tired of voting in elections where my choices never matter. If I was King, I would decree that you only vote for your block captain. (If you’re in an apartment, then your floor.) And, the block captains elect a neighborhood ElCalde. Those votes would be population weighted. The the block captain would have 22 votes representing the people on my block. I’d pay taxes to the “block captain”. And, then I’d have some one to hold accountable for the abuses. Every thing would be organized geographically summing up to the next higher level. I’m sure that would be a much better system of representative gooferment. With a lot less fuss ‘n’ muss. And campaign cost would drop dramatically.

# # # # #

Recommended: Best ‘Free’ Show in Vegas

For perspective, I am the ‘luddite’ friend that John refers to and makes fun of on his blog.  But what I wanted to tell you about was the best ‘free’ show in Las Vegas.  John and I, along with our ‘fraus’ (a Johnism), were vacationing in LV last week and we went to Bill’s Gambling Hall & Saloon (for LV old-timers this is the old Barbary Coast Casino, behind the Flamingo).  In the lounge area where there is a small stage they have an Elvis impersonator act that is the best I have seen (The Las Vegas Review and agrees with me as they voted him ‘Best of Vegas; and Elvis Impersonator of the year in 2006).  The guy sits in a huge specially built chair, since he is probably 450 lbs.  But the good news is that he has lost over 400 pounds in the past couple of years, all on his own without surgery.  So you can imagine how big he was when he started to diet.  But his size has nothing to do with the experience, this guy has a great show that runs for an hour, takes requests, involves the audience, and here is the best part….he sounds fantastic.  He has a superb voice with great range, and you come away feeling ‘entertained’….and all for free, or the price of a beer if you want one. 

Here is his website, which lists the day/time when he performs. 

If you ever appreciated Elvis’ music, don’t miss this one!  Enjoy.

P.S. And thanks to my friend John for letting me ‘post’ on his blog.


INTERESTING:Make meaningless pins, and passwords, self-referential

Lesson Learned: Casino loyalty card need a pin that one can remember. Use the card number!

Those casino loyalty card are really meaningless. I’m not sure if the staff can see the pin, but under no circumstances should you use your bank pin. Or, one used with anything important. So, I suggest that you use the first four digits or the last four digits.

Who cares?

You’ll never forget it. Because the card carries its own pin for you. Just don’t tell anyone and it’ll be fine. And, if someone guess, so what?

# # # # #

RANT: Making men look … …

Has anyone noticed the trend in TV advertising that makes men, particularly fathers, look stupid, inept, or bad.

Example: T-mobile has the Dad do 5 * 5 = 26 and the Mom says “that’s why you have to stay in school”.

Now they wouldn’t dare target an ethnic minority for this type of treatment! So why is it OK to assign this role to men?

I am not going to buy any product, or family of products, that advertises in this fashion. And, I urge you to do the same. And, as I spot them, I’m going to point them out. I invite you to do the same.

So, if you use T-Mobile, then don’t call me.

# # # # #

Add Thomas English Muffins — make Dad who ate Mom’s looks like a dishonest ass!

# # # # #

RANT: Hotel stuck us in an out building. Argh!

Lesson Learned: Find out about the hotel; arriving at night leaves you no, or poor, room choices.

By way of background, Frau has a heart condition and I have allergies. When we booked the Golden Nugget, it was because of the hotel footprint. It was a few feet from the car valet, elevators, and the rooms were all close to the elevator. We requested a non-smoking room close to the elevator. Never heard anything negative from the travel agent; nor the hotel. Best we could do considering all the factors was to arrive at the hotel at 1800 local time.

Guess what?

Not only was there no non-smoking room, and there was no room in the main part of the hotel. (I didn’t even know they HAD an out building!)

What a surprise!

Eventually a non-smoking room was found in the “South Tower” (probably from the casino pit’s hold for comps) that was a long city block from where we wanted to be. The hotel staff was unappologetic and unsympathetic. Argh!

I pointed out that if I hadn’t shown up at all, they would charge me for that room, so why did I NOT have that room? Blank stare!

If rooms are assigned at check-in, then why do I have to be physically there to check in? What good is a reservation? Not much. So, what I envision is that they are in the business of selling rooms on a first-come first-serve basis. Show up with or without a reservation and they will sell you a room. First come and you get the pick of the litter. They may know that they have to give me a room, so they probably don’t sell “my” room. But they do give away “my” room. Argh!

Don’t like? Tough!!

If it wasn’t that we selected their hotel for some very specific medical reason, I would NOT be so upset. I’d have been better off going the next day in the morning and I would have gotten “my” room.

So my “They Suck” award goes to … … the Golden Nugget and my travel agent for their inability to deliver on their moral, and possibly legal, commitment.

I’d like to chat with the IT folks and see why they can’t do it right fmpov.

Lesson Learned: Make sure you are getting what you pay for!

# # # # #

TECH SERVICE: PLAXO has a 10k hard limit

***Begin Quote***

Plaxo has limits on the record types you keep online. If you reach one of Plaxo’s synchronization limits, the sync process will fail. These causes include, but are not limited to:

Address book folder has over 5,000 contacts.

Comcast Webmail
Combined address book folders have over 10,000 contacts.

Calendar folder has over 10,000 events.

Address book folder has over 999 contacts.

Macintosh Toolbars (OSX)
Combined address book folders have over 10,000 contacts.
Combined calendar folders have over 10,000 events.
Combined tasks folders have over 10,000 tasks.
Combined notes folders have over 10,000 notes.

Windows Toolbars (Outlook, Outlook Express, Vista Mail)
Combined address book folders have over 10,000 contacts.
Combined calendar folders have over 10,000 events.
Combined tasks folders have over 10,000 tasks.
Combined notes folders have over 10,000 notes.

Address book folder has over 5,000 contacts.
Calendar folder has over 10,000 events.

***End Quote***

That makes Plaxo pretty much useless fmpov!

# # # # #

PRODUCTIVITY: Impedimenta since Caesar’s time has been a problem

2. The baggage and equipment carried by an army.

This time, to minimize the stress on Frau Reinke, we used one of the many “luggage shipping” services. Again, not cheap! But, handy. IF, and only if, you can be packed and ready to go 3 days ahead of your trip and wait for it arrive 4 days after.

It was easy. And, I recommend it to relieve your stress level.

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