RANT: Hotel stuck us in an out building. Argh!

Lesson Learned: Find out about the hotel; arriving at night leaves you no, or poor, room choices.

By way of background, Frau has a heart condition and I have allergies. When we booked the Golden Nugget, it was because of the hotel footprint. It was a few feet from the car valet, elevators, and the rooms were all close to the elevator. We requested a non-smoking room close to the elevator. Never heard anything negative from the travel agent; nor the hotel. Best we could do considering all the factors was to arrive at the hotel at 1800 local time.

Guess what?

Not only was there no non-smoking room, and there was no room in the main part of the hotel. (I didn’t even know they HAD an out building!)

What a surprise!

Eventually a non-smoking room was found in the “South Tower” (probably from the casino pit’s hold for comps) that was a long city block from where we wanted to be. The hotel staff was unappologetic and unsympathetic. Argh!

I pointed out that if I hadn’t shown up at all, they would charge me for that room, so why did I NOT have that room? Blank stare!

If rooms are assigned at check-in, then why do I have to be physically there to check in? What good is a reservation? Not much. So, what I envision is that they are in the business of selling rooms on a first-come first-serve basis. Show up with or without a reservation and they will sell you a room. First come and you get the pick of the litter. They may know that they have to give me a room, so they probably don’t sell “my” room. But they do give away “my” room. Argh!

Don’t like? Tough!!

If it wasn’t that we selected their hotel for some very specific medical reason, I would NOT be so upset. I’d have been better off going the next day in the morning and I would have gotten “my” room.

So my “They Suck” award goes to … … the Golden Nugget and my travel agent for their inability to deliver on their moral, and possibly legal, commitment.

I’d like to chat with the IT folks and see why they can’t do it right fmpov.

Lesson Learned: Make sure you are getting what you pay for!

# # # # #

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