JOBSEARCH: “Get Noticed First” is cheap enough to be considered.

Get Noticed First

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What is Get Noticed First?

Get Noticed First helps you move along your job search by providing you with resume writing and building tools that will impress potential employers and give you an advantage over other applicants.

Our simple step by step process walks you through the process of creating an impressive resume, cover letter, reference sheet and thank you letter.

We also offer resume writing and resume review services by a National Award Winning Resume Writer & Certified Coach for Job and Career Transitions.

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Now as everyone knows, I am not big on turkeys spending money for “job search” stuff. However, in this case, $25 seems like a trivial amount if it gets you started quickly.

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POLITICAL: Gooferment fails at everything it tries because it is not properly incentivized

Why the Military Fails To Protect Us
(And Lies About It)
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

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After five years, it is not even safe to drive to the airport from downtown Baghdad unless one is driving in an armored tank – and even that is not perfectly safe. This would suggest that the September 10 testimony before a congressional committee of General Petraeus, the commanding general in Iraq, should be taken with a grain of salt about the size of Texas. It would hardly be good for his career, and his legacy, to admit that the operation that he planned and executed has been a failure.

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Yup, the “perfumed princes of the pentagon” are politicians. And, to expect results from gooferment is the perfect definition of insanity.

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