POLITICAL: Is this the death knell of the warfare welfare state?


Ron Paul wins the NH straw poll and this short video shows why. No wonder the establishment want to ignore him. Truly smaller government, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and honest money. It would be the death knell of the warfare welfare state.

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INTERESTING: “Act of Treason” by Vince Flynn

On the trip, I read a political thriller “Act of Treason” by Vince Flynn. It held my attention for the trip. So that per se is an endorsement. I was surprised to find a typo — yes me the “spel lik injineer” guy finding typos. I guess because it had a computing crypto component, I was reading carefully. Here it is.

Page 435!

“It’s near real time not absolute neat time”

The line should have been “absolute REAL time”.

I was pretty pleased with myself.

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PRODUCTIVITY: Lesson Learned this trip

I need checklists.

When I was traveling a lot, I used them extensively. When I later traveled personally, I used to make them up. Not having traveled in awhile, I was out of practice. I should have used several on this trip. Most notably, the biggest disaster, the forgotten power supply would not have happened. The forgotten handicapped placard, the forgotten key ring, the needed phone numbers, show times, and reminders would have been front and center.

Be it resolved, from henceforth and forever more, each stage of a troop movement will have it’s own checklist.


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RECOMMENDED: Dinner at the EWR Marriott

On recent trip, Frau and I decided to stay at the EWR Marriott on the return trip.

We wanted to go to the city the next day to visit Mom. So rather than trek an hour down the turnpike to home at some late hour — with the potential for being really late if the gooferment FAA decided that weather was involved — and then back up the turnpike an hour the next morning, we bunked over at the airport hotel. It wasn’t cheap. But, having a accident is much more expensive. And, if the flight was ever delayed badly, we could have been going to the city REAL early. :-)

Anyway, it was basically a good decision. Not cheap. But good.

I was moderately wrankled that they charge 27$ to park to go to their hotel.

But, it was clean, neat, and comfortable.

The highpoint was that the restaurant was open for dinner until 11PM. So we had a very nice dinner that was modestly priced. I recommend the restaurant there and the staff that was also very good.

I’d rate it as an “I’d stay there again”! My highest rating.


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TECHNOLOGY: Paying for inet access

From my recent trip, the hotel wanted $11/day for inet access. (The one at EWR wanted $9!) Figuring times 30 days, that’s a month inet cost of $330/month. Given a home account on an broadband is $50/month. That means that the hotel is pocketing a kool 280$/month. Pretty sweet. That a lotta R for very little I! As in ROI.

Taking a place like the big vegas hotel with 4k of rooms. Assume that they are 75% full each month. Assume that half will buy inet access from them. That’s 280 * 4 * .75 * .5 = 420k$/month!!!


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TECHNOLOGY: Laptop rescue business

From my recent experience, I’m going into the “rescue business”. If you find yourself stranded “electronically isolated”, then let me know. I’ll overnight you an old hunka junk. It’ll be enough to keep you going until you get home. In my recent experience, I have willingly paid $200 to use a laptop for a week. Plus shipping and handling. :-) Would you? Sounds like I have a business model. If the price of a new laptop is $500 to $750, then all I have to do is stay under that price point. I have an inventory of one right now. If demand warrants, I increase my inventory, hire staff, and retire rich. No?

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MONEY: Retire “Retirement!”


***Begin Quote***

Retire “Retirement!” Today’s retirees are more active than ever, moving
forward with their lives and pursuing a wide variety of interests and passions.

Suggesting retreat and withdrawl, the word “retirement” no longer does this lifestage justice.

***End Quote***


Originally, one had to focus on the wolf outside the door. Daily bread earned thru the daily grind. Now, when reaches the “land of critical mass”, the point where 5% interest equals enough to live comfortable for the rest of one’s lifespan, one can now focus on what gives you joy, makes the world a better place, or “cashes” all those “LATER” ious.

So it’s refocusing from the daily grind to achievement. How ever one defines it?

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TECH SERVICE: www dot if I am offline dot com

Lessons Learned: I need a service that notifies others who could help me.

So where is www dot if I am off line dot com?

If could be as simple as a flurry of emails that go out, if I don’t reset the clock. Say, every X hours.

For a inet o holic like me, it could be every twelve hours. If I don’t check in, send the emails out.

I’ll offer the service for 29.99 per month and stuff ads in the emails and on the websites.

I’ll be a grazillionaire in no time.


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