RANT: Making men look … …

Has anyone noticed the trend in TV advertising that makes men, particularly fathers, look stupid, inept, or bad.

Example: T-mobile has the Dad do 5 * 5 = 26 and the Mom says “that’s why you have to stay in school”.

Now they wouldn’t dare target an ethnic minority for this type of treatment! So why is it OK to assign this role to men?

I am not going to buy any product, or family of products, that advertises in this fashion. And, I urge you to do the same. And, as I spot them, I’m going to point them out. I invite you to do the same.

So, if you use T-Mobile, then don’t call me.

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Add Thomas English Muffins — make Dad who ate Mom’s looks like a dishonest ass!

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One thought on “RANT: Making men look … …

  1. We agree John, however as it turns out there are so many shows that fall into this category that it makes watching any TV tough. We end up watching cable shows like Discovery and Travel Channel, sports, and other home and garden shows. Now I know why old people watch the Weather Channel, by the time they get to that age, all the old shows they used to watch have ‘gone to pot’, especially as the standards change over the years.

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