TECHNOLOGY: Deceptive Slot Machine in Lost Wages

I found a series of deceptive slot machines in Las Vegas. (Unusual, because the Nevada Gaming Commission is unusually strict with stuff like that.) They were high top modern ones … penny slots … with 210 coins max bet. The deceptive part was that they reset after an idle period to indicate 1 coin – 1 line – 1 (something). Regardless of what the last play was. No accident I watched it happen. (Where’s a video cam or camera when you need one!)

It’s deceptive because there are slot players, like myself, who look for slots where the last player “tapped out”. Some people will play a slot down to their last credit. A 1/1/1 is a sign that some one just played out their allotment for that machine without winning. (Akin to the “jump in one’s grave” strategy where they watch you lose and then as soon as you leave, they play and hit “your jackpot”. Argh!) Some players, like myself, don’t like to play slots where someone has one big as indicated by a big cash out. (Not completely reliable.) Some players, like myself, like to play machines where there’s a big last bet and no big cash out. (Indicating a big player tapped out on the machine without hitting.)

So, I’ll be looking into what it takes to make a complaint to the NV state gooferment.

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From: Howie, Gordon []
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 7:42 PM
To: reinkefj
Subject: Slot Machine Question

Mr. Reinke,  Unfortunately there is no requirement that I am aware of that a slot machine keep the information displayed relevant to what the prior player was wagering or cashed out.  In reality and statistically the information you think you gain some insight from has nothing to do with the outcome of the next game played. There are a lot of changes in the way modern gaming devices present the games and some do not keep any prior information available for the review of another patron who is trying to find just the right machine.  We are also receiving a lot of questions about why the tokens and coin hoppers are being replaced with ticket in / ticket out.  It is all part of the technology which is changing very rapidly in the industry. 

If I can be of any additional assistance please feel free to contact me.  

Gordon R. Howie, Jr.
Special Agent, Enforcement Division
Nevada Gaming Control Board

Important: This communication, including any attachments, may contain confidential information and is intended only for the individual or entity to whom it is addressed. Any review, dissemination, or copying of this communication by anyone other than the intended recipient is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-Mail and delete all copies of the original message.

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So shut up and just lose your money quietly?

It was a prompt reply.   :-)

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4 Responses to TECHNOLOGY: Deceptive Slot Machine in Lost Wages

  1. reinkefj says:

    Thanks for explaining that. One never knows where one’s content is going to wind up. :-)

  2. Alfonso Ramos says:

    Greetings. When I read your comment,on, I think Mytube and there was an anonymous person who responded to your comment and said: “just shut up and lose”, I was responding to that person unless you were responding to your own comment. Thanks.AL.

  3. reinkefj says:

    >Who the hell do you think you are to tell anyone to shut up-retard!!!!!!

    I really don’t understand your comment.

    I thought the machine was deceptive. The fellow from the gooferment quickly told me that, by his interpretation of their rules, it wasn’t. OK, I disagree. So, I said, “we have to just shut and lose like we are supposed to.”

    I don’t understand the thrust of your comment. But thanks for reading and commenting.


  4. alsports2000 says:

    Who the hell do you think you are to tell anyone to shut up-retard!!!!!! Have some respect-you like the casinos to take your money and then slap you on your stupid face and tell you that you should’ve played more just to lose more??????. I am getting tired of morons like you taking the liberty to write stupidity remarks to other posts that don’t concern you. No body appreciates your degrading comments, what are you trying to prove: that you can bark at someone and then hide your identity???? Don’t be a coward-and why don’t you shut up. Do you think the casinos now like you just because you take that approach??? When I go to the casinos I go to get my money back in way I can. You think that what the casinos do is not cheating. They program the machines not to pay, they add more cards to the black jack games, they have more camaras on you then I care to mention, they tract your every move and every play, for what, for a meal. I hate that they are protected by the commission to strip you of every penney and then they’ll tell you to leave if they don’t like you. Feel sorry for casinos?????????????? Hell no.

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