RANT: Gooferment at work; don’t get in the way!


Sep 26, 2007 6:43 pm US/Central
Crew Paints Over Roadkill Raccoon In Lemont
Area Residents Say This Isn’t The First Time Crews Have Treated Animals Carelessly
Mike Puccinelli Reporting

*** begin quote ***


(CBS) LEMONT, Ill. A photograph sent to CBS 2 shows a raccoon dead in the middle of a Lemont street, and yellow stripes painted right over its body by road crews.

*** end quote ***

Your gooferment at work.

Now you know how I feel every April 15th and every (Dej)Election Day!

In their defense, it wasn’t a case of “treating an animal carelessly”. It is probably that the work rules don’t allow the Certified Line Painter to get of the truck and shovel it off. That’s probably the job of the Certified Wildlife Removal Specialist. And, we have a labor dispute when the wrong union gets certain work. Probably, the fellow could have done it and the state would have just paid the “right” union worker extra. Now the Certified Job Designer will have to change the Certified Line Painting Procedure and put the job back out for bids.

Argh! Makes me “Certifiable”. Argh!!

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