If you are in Vegas, they have “The Price Is Right” show. (It’s NOT the TV program and tix ain’t cheap.) But it’s fun.

Tip: If you’re called as part of a foursome to bid on an item (win and you get up on stage), the THIRD player must bid UNDER the next higher bid. Else the Fourth (Last) Bidder will always go over you by a dollar. So for example, without this tip, when #1 bids $100 and #2 bids $200, you can’t bid $300. The fourth player will bid $301 and the only shot is if you hit it on the head. In the example, with this tip, you’d bid $150 and the fourth player would bid $201. You’d at least have a shot. If you want to be nasty, you could bid 101 and take the whole number space, but I believe The Universe would see that and make the right price exactly $100 to rub your nose in your immoral behavior. (But that’s just me.) For the second bidder, I’d always bid a dollar, and take the under. In the five showcases, I saw taking the under would have won at least one.

Tip: If you get to the final showcase, take care not to “overbid”. In my visit, both contestants overbid. My recommended strategy for the second contestant is to ALWAYS bid a dollar. They have the wrinkle that if you come within a dollar you win the showcase. If you are the correct bidder, you win a prize. Not the showcase.

As always YMMV!

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