INTERESTING: no commute, no HQ, and no office

The Future of the Workplace: No Office, Headquarters in Cyberspace
Some Companies Don’t Care Where Workers Are as Long as They Get the Job Done
ABC NEWS Business Correspondent
Aug. 27, 2007

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Imagine a work world with no commute, no corporate headquarters and perhaps not even an office in the physical world at all.

For Bob Flavin, a computer scientist at IBM; Janet Hoffman, an executive at a management consulting firm; and Joseph Jaffe, a marketing entrepreneur, the future is already here.

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Yeah, and kiss your personal time good bye.

Been there and done that. If you are not feeling that your on Robinson Crusoe’s island, then you’re at the Battle of <insert favorite movie battle like Alamo, Battan, or Pork Chop Hill> alone without help, and held accountable to move mountains with your magic wand. Having done “global”, you can kiss the clock good bye. Having a berry, you can’t even go to the head (i.e., loo or LV or “officer’s club”) with out interruption. (I hear people doing email in the stalls or answer calls. Yuck!)

Maybe I can start the virtual union hall! ;-)

(Always thought the AFL CIO aimed at the wrong target demographic. I’d organize the IT workers. Not only could they pay more in dues, they have the enterprises by the throat in their data is their life blood.)

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One thought on “INTERESTING: no commute, no HQ, and no office

  1. Well Mr Righteous One,

    I have to say I feel like I have stayed ahead of the curve by staying behind the curve. I “fought” for years to stay on a pager when everyone wanted me to go to cell phone. I finally gave in in mid 1999.

    I NEVER went to a PDA, I even sometime make “Fun” of people who keep them. And even more so, I avoid “Crackberries” like the plague.

    I didn’t send my first text message from my phone until last year.

    Oh, so you guess I must be some old techno-phobe. I say NOT, I am actually an IT guy ( even have the worthless old DBA certs to prove it ). I just don’t feel like I can afford to let that much “communication” creep into my life.

    When I was an executive I often told my Manager’s that I didn’t carry a Blackberry so they would actually “HAVE” to make a decision in my absence. Ha Ha Ha.

    One day I think I’m gonna blog on the reasons why our NEW COMMUNICATION mediums are making us train “crappy” managers.

    GLaneC ( a not so old Turkey Farmer in training )

    PS – you also made me think – maybe a blog T-account of positives and negatives of virtual office. Hmmm!

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