FUN: 440 out of 39,000 participants showed up

Samsung Plaza Eats Word on Ferarri Raffle Mishap
By Cho Jin-seo
Staff Reporter

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A simple mistake could have cost Samsung Plaza an unexpected 123 billion won in a promotional lottery event, as 440 people showed up claiming they had won the first prize _ a Ferrari F360. The sports car is priced at 280 million won apiece.

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The department store, which is located in Pundang, south of Seoul, held a lottery for customers with three Ferraris as the top prize. A silver one was on display in its lobby, luring passers-by to join the draw.

Customers had to pick six numbers out of 26 on the lottery ticket, which were covered invisible with a silver coating. The possibility of winning the first prize was calculated as 0.0004 percent, or one in 230,230. However, in some way, 440 out of 39,000 participants showed up with the right six numbers scratched out. Some suspect that they used a clever method to see through the silver coating.

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Never underestimate the laws of probability.

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LIBERTY: FTL’s Mark read my email on air last night

The difference between “LAWS” and “laws’
An email sent to the Mark at Free Talk Live

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Perhaps, you guys could help redefine the language.

I see the “Law of Gravity” as having more gravitas than the Federal, State, and Local “Laws”.

Never mind all the other rules, regulations, and diktats that gubamint issues. Let’s just focus on “Laws” for a moment.

I like the “Law of Gravity” and its many cousins like the “Law of Supply and Demand” or the “Law of the Conservation of Momentum”. They are universally fair and non-discriminatory. So, I don’t refer to what the criminal gangs do in their various dens of iniquity do as “making laws”.

We need to recapture the high ground.

When they neuter our language they give themselves more power. Imagine considering anything done by politicians as a “law”! Absurd! If you must refer to their “laws”, (I’m thinking of that Crocodile Dundee line “that’s not a knife. this is a knife” by crikey), then “we” should always preface it with “Federal Law”, “State Law”, or even “Weenie Law”. Add some diminutive to differentiate it from the big hairy natural LAWS. Their weak lame efforts to make laws should be called something like “law-lettes”, “wannabe laws”, or “pathetic attempts at law”.

P.S.: Remember when we get people laughing at them, their influence and power shrinks. Look how fast the cellphone tax disappeared. Almost overnight. When the media picked up that the people were calling it “The Spanish American War tax”. Like the Wizard of Oz, they can’t let themselves be be laughed at because then we will see how pathetic they are!

Best wishes from behind the lines
in the Pepuls Repulik of Nu Jerzee

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He read it live last night at the beginning of the second hour and was kind enough to give me a heads up. I’ll try and snip it for my collection.

We just have to keep people laughing at them.

UPDATE: I clipped out their reading and discussion of my email. Here’s my effort for your enjoyment. Glad I could give them a chuckle. Laugh at the politicians; it’s the most demeaning thing that you can do to them.