RANT: Tell our representatives to take their hands off our organs!


Hands Off My Kidney!
Who owns a donated organ?
By Kathryn Lewis
Posted Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2006, at 6:14 PM ET

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Two weeks ago, New York state’s highest court ruled that you can’t sue an organ donor network for giving away a kidney, even if the donor’s family wanted you to have it. The case began several years ago, when a widow named her husband’s childhood friend as the recipient of his kidneys. The friend died of renal failure in June, and his family wants to sue the network for donating one of the kidneys to someone else. Who owns a donated organ?

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Libertarian believe that we own ourselves.

Really, if you don’t own your own body, who does? The essence of non-aggression principle begins with self-ownership. Who gave the State, Government, or anyone else control over one’s own body. In principle, we agree with the feminist argument “my body; my choice”. In fact the whole argument over abortion boils down to the government telling people what they can or can’t do. As a pro-life Libertarian, I grieve over the number of abortions, but I wouldn’t not dream of putting the government in change. We SHOULD be able to find better answers, but first the government has to stop mucking about with its diktats.

So, if we own our own bodies, then why can’t we own the organs?

Clearly, if there was a free market in organs, then we wouldn’t have transplant lists. And, don’t say that the poor would be prevented from getting transplants. Look at the charities that spring up for the needy. Look what hospitals and doctors do Pro Bono.

Do we need diktats to prevent people from buying and selling body parts? No, because we have that today despite laws. When we put the free market in charge, then everyone will be satisfied.

Now what am I offered for the proceeds of a liposuction? I have about a 100# I could spare.

Seriously, the gooferment makes diktats about organ transplants and we have shortages, spoilage, and high costs. (Which is EXACTLY what the dismal science of economics predicts would happen.)

Tell your representatives to get their head out of where ever it is and take their hands off our organs!

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