RANT: Learn from the WW1 death of Henry Gunther who died one minute before peace was declared


They Won’t Be Home for Christmas
by Laurence M. Vance

*** begin quote ***

The war in Iraq is lost. Although the president won’t admit that we are losing, he did recently acknowledge: “We’re not winning.” But the war has been lost for some time now. Even many who supported the initial invasion would agree with those of us who opposed the war from the very beginning that the point has long since passed the place where the United States could claim “victory” in Iraq. That point can now be measured in years. Wasn’t it in 2003 that Bush made the claim, in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner, that “the United States and our allies have prevailed”? Although the death of every American soldier in Iraq has been a tragic waste of human life, every day that this senseless war continues makes the deaths of U.S. servicemen even more of a heartrending tragedy.

*** end quote ***

Get the boys and girls home now! It’s a mess. But, it’s now the Iraqis’ mess.

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