LIBERTY: The gold standard prevents big government

Financing the Empire
By Mark Thornton
Posted on 11/9/2006

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A gold standard also helps prevent governments from starting useless spending programs, creating expensive bureaucracies, running budget deficits, and waging unnecessary wars. It can even help smooth out and even eliminate the business cycle. Economic science and history all point to the advantages of market-based money and the disadvantages of government-controlled systems.

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To regain our liberty, we must get back to the gold standard.

PRODUCTIVITY: Blogger in chief?

November 13, 2006
Fortune Magazine
Page 51

Blogger in Chief
Jonathan Schwartz, 41
CEO Sum Microsystems

>10% of Sun employees blog … including general counsel

So there’s probably nothing illegal about blogging with some common sense.

>read what people thinking without walking around

Sounds like status reports.

> “Always worry about what people aren’t telling you”

Good advice.

> Ditch the desktop

A recommendation to be expected from the “Computer is the Network” company. And, what does one do when the net’s not there.

>Forget balance

True. For hunters, there’s no balance. For farmers, there’s balance, sequence, and order.


n.b.: There was no way to find this printed page on the net. Or at least I couldn’t find it. I would have thought that, if I went to “November 13, 2006 Fortune Page 51”, I’d have gotten it. Hmm?

XPfails – luggable – general slowdown

Last night, rather early this morning, luggable came down with a case of the blahs. It seemed like everything went at a crawl. I had tapped on a link in an email (LOOKOUT?) and the FOX took forever to get to it. So, being the bright IT Guru I am, I nuke everything in sight that I thought was expendable. No improvement. So I hit the big red easy button (ALT-CNT-DEL) and SHUTDOWN. For some reason there is a difference between SHUTDOWN and RESTART. SHUTDOWN, I guess, does a real start from scratch AOT a quick restart, no scratch. Back up and running.

FUN: Tourist SHOULD win a “darwin”


Outcry at stupid Stefaan’s croc shock
Jamie Pandaram and Jano Gibson
November 9, 2006 – 5:06PM

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The two-metre croc will live out its days in a farm as a breeding crocodile after biting 24-year-old Belgian tourist Stefaan Vanthournout’s leg when he tried to get its attention by wading into a creek and slapping the water with a stick.

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The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who, uh, remove themselves from it…

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As a pro-life libertarian, I deplore any loss of human life. But when people freely do “dumb things”, and bad things result, I say “say la v”! Certainly, punishing things, animals, people is irrational. In this case, I’d allow all the dumb tourists to feed themselves to the crocs. As Judge Judy says, “beauty fades; dumb is forever”. My concern is that this tourist’s next stupidity might have an innocent victim.

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LIBERTY: Need to change the political landscape

NOTA – Bene!
by Christopher Manion

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In the realm of practical wisdom, the most obvious and even desirable candidate missing from every ballot is “NOTA” – None Of The Above.

Since the early 1990s, both major parties have strived (successfully) to make it virtually impossible for competitors to run on a third-party ticket. That circumstance has, no doubt, led to the concentration of corruption in the GOP that has accelerated so markedly in recent years.

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Voting is an exercise in futility. The Libertarains elected some dog catchers. We need to change the landscape. The movie Gettysburg has one of the generals saying “it’s good ground”. FMPOV the political landscape in AMRIKA is not “good ground” for us little l libertarians to wage a winning campaign. So, we have to reframe the debate.