LIBERTY: Conserve What?

Conserve What?
by Paul Hein

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Many of us find the “conservative” position on many issues more agreeable – or less disagreeable – than the “liberal.” But what is it that conservatives are conserving? I have never seen that question answered – or even asked – but isn’t it a good question?

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As an ex-conservative, I wanted the liberty that the Dead Old White Guys promised. Unfortunately, I didn’t get what I was promised. Instead Gubamint has made me a slave!

I go around and around trying to see how I can free myself.

The critical issues of stuffing the genie back in the box are: ending the fiat currency, ending the government reeducation propaganda camps, and ending the dole! I have no silver bullet. Heck, I can’t even figure out where to begin.

Money! Skools! Dole!

JOBSEARCH: JIBBERJOBBER’s document section doesn’t permit cut’n’paste

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I stuffed some doc in JIBBERJOBBER and realized a flaw. It’s wants to upload all docs. Admirable. But what if you want to cut’n’paste something from a webpage.

It should allow you to do that. You are getting the space.