TECHNOLOGY: Writeboard aka a one page wiki?


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Writeboard is completely free. You can create as many writeboards as you’d like and invite as many people to collaborate on the writeboards. There are no limits. However, if you’d like to keep all your writeboards in one place so you don’t have to bookmark URLs and remember passwords, you should check out our Backpack organizer product. It lets you neatly organize to-do lists, notes, photos, files, and writeboards online. Backpack was recently named a “Best of the Web 2005” tool by BusinessWeek.

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Seems interesting to me.

LIBERTY: Fight the power!

November 18, 2006
“V” Makes A Mark In DC
Worldwide Interest in RTP Stirred

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It’s working.

We are making good use of the powerful concept of en masse activist resistance used in the movie, “V for Vendetta.”

“V” is helping us as we build support for the unalienable Right to a Response from Government to our Petitions for Redress of Grievances regarding the Government’s violation of the war powers, tax, privacy and money clauses of the Constitution.

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Fight the power!

GUNS: You don’t really have a choice

Nov. 19, 2006
VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: Giving way to the twenty-something spendthrifts

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You cannot bestow upon your children or grandchildren a world without guns. Your two choices are: a world in which they are trusted and encouraged to own guns and keep them ready to hand and know how and when to use them, or a world in which they are disarmed and the guns are in the hands of some other class or race of people who tell them what to do.

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You have to like how he can distill it to a simple principle. There’s a big difference between the Law of Gravity and any law passed by tyrants.

PRODUCTIVITY: Missed an opportunity

Argh! I’m mad at myself. When attending an event with a camera, I should have had a strategy. Photo everyone. Not only do you not get a second chance, but it could have been a hoot. Went to a “dance” last night, but didn’t exploit the opportunities to learn, link, and innovate. Argh!