FUN: My six word memoir

Injineer. Frau. Jobs. It’s a life!

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Hello Twitter-ers!

This email comes with a special treat from Twitter and Smith
Magazine: The Six-Word Memoir Challenge! Twitter your own memoir in exactly six words and you could win a free iPod!


1. Make smithmag a friend: 2. Preface your six-word entry with “smithmag” like this:

smithmag He wore dresses. This caused messes.


Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in six words. The result was “For sale: baby shoes, never used.” More recently, Wired Magazine revived the challenge and author Margaret Atwood came up with this short but funny beauty:
“Longed for him. Got him. Shit.”

We realize November is National Novel Writing Month but 50,000 words in 30 days? That seems heavy considering genius may surface in just six words. The folks over at Smith Magazine think everyone has a story and they want to reward you for yours.
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RANT: How dumb can people be?

Discounts on gas add fuel to fools’ ire
By David Harsanyi
Denver Post Staff Columnist
Article Last Updated:11/19/2006 11:44:53 PM MST

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This month, King Soopers and City Market (both owned by Kroger) were forced by a federal jury decision to cut out a program called Buy Groceries/Get Gas — which offered consumers modest savings on gas purchases.

Two “independent” gasoline stations in Montrose brought the suit and were awarded $1.4 million in damages. The jury found the big stores had violated Colorado’s Unfair Practices Act, illegally selling gas below cost.

Yes, King Soopers was selling gasoline too cheap. It’s illegal.

So let’s quickly review an old economics adage: Charge too much and you’re price gouging. Charge too little and you’re predatory pricing. Charge the same as your competitor and you’re in collusion.

*** end quote ***

You have to admit that the gubamint skools (aka: political reeducation camps) have done a superb job of making the new citizens of Amerika stupider than tree stumps! Without the collective brains of a box of rocks!

Minimum prices, minimum wages, price supports, price floors, … … …, and anything else of this ilk that you think of are just taxes in a transparent disguise.

You can’t sell something for below your cost?

Tell it to WalMart, and all the other discount store that use a loss leader!

How stupid were the people on this jury? How stupid were the prosecutors for filing this case in the first place? How stupid were the legislators who passed this absurdity?

How stupid are we for tolerating it?